The Book The Hunger Games


         The Hunger Games is a trilogy of books by Suzanne Collins. In the novels, the main characters are Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark who are teenagers who live in District 12. Katniss is the daughter of a healer and a coal miner she is outspoken,brave,fierce,smart and strong, these quality's help her survive in her heartless society. Peeta is the son of a baker, he is not strong nor outspoken. Peeta is great with words and has a way of saying the right things at the right time. In their society there are 12 Districts and a Capitol. Each District specializes in producing a commodity. District 12 produces and sends coal to the Capitol for use. The society Katniss and Peeta live in is one where the people in the Districts are poor and work for the Capitol, where about 1 million people live a elegant lifestyle. The country these people live in is called Panem and the story takes place in the future after America has been destroyed. The tortaliaristic government that is in charge is lead by President Snow, a cold bitter man. In this oppressed country President Snow forced the people of Panem (except the capitol citizens) to participate in the Hunger Games a game where people from different Districts have to fight in an arena. The reason for having the inhumane Hunger Games is because a long time ago the districts rebelled against the capitol. At that time there where 13 Districts. During a long and bloody war District 13 was destroyed and many people died. At the end of the war the capitol won and enacted the Hunger Games as a reminder to the people that the Capitol is in charge. The Hunger Games are held once a year and every single District participates. Every child from age’s twelve-eighteen is automatically added into a lottery system to decide who will be a tribute to fight in an arena with twenty-three other kids. The poor people in the Districts have a better chance of being picked because they enter their name in the lottery system many times so they can get extra rations of food. The Kids fight to the death in the games and from each district one boy and one girl are chosen. Katnisses sister Prim who is only twelve is chosen to fight in the Hunger Games in the first novel and Katniss decides to take her place. This is an unprecedented event. People taking other peoples place in the Hunger Games do not happen often. Katniss plays an important role throughout the books to start a rebellion that would eventually overthrow the Capitol. Katnisses role in her society is being a leader. In this article I will argue this point of view!

Katniss Everdeen is a great leader of the rebellion because even though she does not see herself as a leader she has many of the characteristics a leader needs. For example when she tried to save the hospital in District 8,when she tried to reason with the man in District 2. Or when she fought in the capitol and tried to kill President Snow, she was exhibiting traits of a leader. To be a leader you have to demonstrate knowledge of the cause you are leading and Katniss shows this knowledge to great extent throughout the 3 Hunger Games books.

Katniss demonstrates qualities of a leader when she fights on the rooftop to save a hospital in District 8 from Capitol bombers. Katniss does not even think twice before risking her life to help others. That is a great characteristic of a leader. Someone who goes above and beyond to help the cause they lead. The people of Panem saw Katniss as a charismatic leader even though Katniss didn't see herself that way. A leader is someone who is actively apart of the cause they lead and Katniss clearly represented that when she fought to save the hospital. She was able to convince more people not to side with the capitol and instead join the rebellion. “The read blinking light on one of the cameras catches my eye. I know I'm being recorded. “Yes,””I want to tell the rebels that I am alive. That right here in District 8,Where the Capitol has just bombed a hospital full of unarmed men, women, and children. There will be no survivors.”

This quote clearly shows how Katniss made the Capitol look bad on live T.V. In politics people are able to do this well. When President Obama was running for President he was able to make John McCain his opponent look really bad. Using propaganda to some extent he highlighted the things John McCain did that made him look bad. This is what Katniss did when she explained to the people of Panem that the Capitol just bombed and destroyed a hospital full of unarmed people. In the rebellion Katniss has utilized the media, which is a powerful tool. In Egypt people where able to take down a government in weeks. The people of Egypt used the media and technology to spread the need for change. Without the media it would have taken much longer for change to occur. This is one of the reasons why Katniss and the rebels where able to bring the capitol down so quickly.

When Katniss sees the people of Panem die she finds new found energy to keep fighting and she clearly becomes more dedicated to killing President Snow. Adolf Hitler was a leader similar to Katniss in the way he believed in a cause (creating a pure Aryan race) and he worked as hard as he could to make this happen. He as well as millions of people died as a result of his mission. Hitler killed over 9 million people during World War Two. Millions of people around the world died because of one man and his mission. This shows how when you put your mind to doing something even in the most unlikely of circumstances you can succeed, or in Hitler’s case die trying. In the novel Katniss does not die but people she loves dies and she feels guilty for this. Prim Katnisses sister dies in the last book of the Hunger Games trilogy and Katniss spends hours thinking about how her sister’s death was her fault.

Katniss is portrayed in the novel as a leader when she tries to negotiate with a man in District 2

“We blew up your mine. You burned my district to the ground. We've got every reason to kill each other... It just goes around and around, and who wins? Not us. Not the districts. Always the Capitol.”

Instead of having the rebel soldiers kill the man Katniss try's to reason with him. She takes command and does not kill him, instead she talks to him. Katniss thinks that she can convince the people in District 2 to join the fight. Although not many people agreed with her she thought they could be convinced to join. This quote gives you a glimpse of how Katniss sees the good in everyone. The rebels had the choice of killing everyone in the mountain but instead Katniss said they should let the people come out and join the rebels instead of killing them all. In the end although Katniss was shot she was able to convince the man not to kill her. This shows the type of character she has that other people in the rebel forces don't have. She understands the situation people are in and see; both sides of the fight. Katniss realizes that while the rebels are trying to destroy the capitol they are becoming just like them having no mercy for anyone and killing innocent unarmed people in the name of a rebellion. This is a classic example of human nature. In Russia when the Tzar was brought down, a new dictator Joseph Stalin jumped right into power. The only difference in this story is that Katniss will not let this happen. Katniss saves Panem from another dictatorship when she kills President Coin. Katniss realizes that she might not be the person who's best for Panem; after all she is the one who killed hundreds if not thousands of innocent children and nurses when the rebels had the Capitol surrounded. This is a key part in the story. Not many people thought about the fact that President Coin might not be a good leader. Boggs realized this and he told Katniss this when he transferred the halo to her. Boggs told Katniss “Don't trust them.” Boggs was not referring to President Snow or any of the Capitol citizens instead he was referring to President Coin.

Katniss clearly demonstrates that she is a leader when she becomes the leader of her solider clan. Instead of giving control over to Jackson who was second in command she takes control and leads the group to Presidents Snows Mansion. As stated in the book Katniss makes up an excuse to lead the group.

“Because I'm on a special mission for President Coin, I think Boggs was the only one who knew about it.”...

Even though everybody on the squad knows Katniss was not told to lead they follow her anyway and she leads them to presidents Snows house. Boggs thought that Katniss could lead the squad, which is why he transferred the security clearance to Katniss. Katniss is successful leading her squad. Although most of them die, they learned more information about the Capitol and the few who survived owe their lives to Katniss because she tried her best in a horrible situation. It is my belief that if Jackson was left in charge all of the squad would have died.

Katniss is a leader because she is charismatic and works hard to support her cause, which she is dedicated to. These are characteristics of a leader that even president Coin doesn't have. Katniss is a leader to all of Panem and has proven her leadership in the instances stated above. Katniss lead the people of Panem to freedom and really is the symbol of a great nation. Millions of people in Panem and people to come in latter generations owe their lives to Katniss the girl who is on fire!!!