The Hunger Games Catching Fire
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Catching Fire

Over the weekend the trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was released for all of us to watch and enjoy. The trailer looks fantastic and there are a lot of amazing plots and storyline to see, but we will have to wait until November 22, 2013 to actually get into the big screen to watch this. Let's find out more about what there is to see and what's to come.


With the trailer now released and the release date set, fans all over the globe are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the next installment of The Hunger Games. I am also part of that crowd that is looking forward to seeing the next part called Catching Fire, and it's sure to be just as successful as the first. With over 27 million Youtube videos in less than a week this film is sure to bring home the bacon once again. Fans have been searching Google and other resources to find out as much as they can about their beloved characters, actors, and more media to gobble up. Right now the only thing we can see is new articles and news postings of what actors are saying, and they are sure excited to see how well the film does come November 22.

Word of mouth

According to Liam Hemsworth this movie is not going to be a disappointment to any of the Hunger Games fans. [1] The editors and the director are fast at work to The Hunger Games CastCredit: Wikimedia Commonsmake cuts and edit the film so it is prime and ready for release on November 22, and there is no doubt they will do a fine job in trimming the bad from the good as to be expected from their first performance. Facebook is erupting with posts and reposts of news articles that come out daily, and the official trailer has made its rounds quite quickly. The twitter universe has already exploded as thousands of tweets are flying around every day about this new anticipated film. I'm excited to keep my feeds up and see what new things come out as time gets closer. It's only a matter of time before the interviews and press releases start to come forth that will give us further insight into the making of the movie and what the actors and actresses think. Late night TV shows are going to be seeing a ratings boom if they snag the popular actors in this movie since everyone wants to see their take on the movie.

The movie vs. the book

How well will The Hunger Games: Catching Fire do with loyal fans who read the book over and over? I'm curious to see just how well the movie adaptation is, since the movie was a smash hit with the first book. Of course it's to be expected that parts will be missing, but overall I believe that the movie will be a great book to feature film conversion and fans will not be disappointed. While there were a lot of notable changes in the original movie adaptation from the book, there wasn't anything severe that had my scratching my head. Some narratives were changed and certain plot points were assumed or left out but overall I think the fans will agree that it's impossible to get everything from the book into the movie. I believe that we won't be upset and in fact will probably be pleased with how much will be put into the movie that might have been cut.

I wouldn't be surprised either if many people who haven't read the book flock to stores right now and buy The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I'm keeping tabs on sales and I bet that sales at Amazon and Barnes and Noble are going to be doing quite well over the summer months with this book alone. Sales have already increased over at Amazon, which isn't a surprise but it does prove an amusing and interesting note. The book has been out for a while and the first Hunger Games movie set the pace for the other two book sales, but now that the trailer is officially out people have that fever to read it. Maybe we were putting it off before and now because we're talking about it we want to read it, who knows?

More to come

As time progresses we are going to see more media, more tweets, more videos, more news appear about The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and I know that myself, along with millions of other fans around the globe are keeping a close eye on social media for anything new to take in and gobble up. I'm enjoying this initial release date chatter and excitement and it will only get more intense as we get to the months leading up to its anticipated release.