[2681]The Hunger Games is a collection of fictional stories written by Suzanne Collins.  I'll admit I have never even heard of the books until I started seeing various things popping up for the new Hunger Games movie that's coming out soon.  Upon seeing the trailer for the movie, my interest was sparked so I decided to check out the books.

The first book is titled "The Hunger Games".  It takes place in the ruins of a city located in what was formerly North America.  The area is surrounded by 12 districts.  Each year a televised event known as the "hunger games" shows one boy and one girl from each district in a fight until death.  Katniss, one of the main characters, receives notice that she will be the unfortunate one sent from her district to the games.

In the second book, "Catching Fire", Katniss wins the games along with Peeta, who is also from her district.  But they win by rebelling against the Capitol.  Other people begin to rebel and the Capitol seeks revenge.  Katniss begins to fall for 2 lovers, and a love triangle begins to unfold.

The third book, "Mockinjay", Katniss once again faces the hunger games and somehow survives.  The Capitol is still vengeful, and the love triangle continues.  The final outcome will surprise you, it's not what you expect after reading this far into the trilogy. 

Overall I thought these were great books.  Very rarely do I find a trilogy that I absolutely cannot put down.  I really enjoyed the books, although the end was not what I expected or hoped for and it left me feeling a bit sad when it was over.  But in the end, it was a very realistic approach for the events that have taken place.

The trilogy has received great reviews on Amazon.  Most of the bad reviews were due to readers unhappy with the ending because they were expecting a fairytale story.  The average customer reviews place the books at 3 1/2 stars which is not as high as I think it should be.  The price on Amazon for the boxed set ranges from about $23 to $31 dollars depending upon whether you like hard or soft copies and ships free with super saver shipping.  It is also available as a download.

These are wonderful books for teens and pre teens, with the age rating at 13+.  They are great books for any collection.  I am highly anticipating seeing the movie, and I hope it is as good as the story line from the set.