The Hunger Games series of movies has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide with its feminist undertones and story of rebellion as the citizens of the oppressed country rise up against the authoritarian government holding them hostage in their districts.  The movies touch a cord with oppressed cultures worldwide as they show that even one person has the power to inspire change as long as they have the courage to endure and do what they need to in order to survive.

The Hunger Games:  Catching Fire is the second of four planned movies in the Hunger Games series and continues the story of the heroine Katniss Everdeen played by Jennifer Lawrence.  The story resumes when Katniss returns home after winning her round of the Hunger Games competition.  She is finally home safe and wants to return to living in obscurity but her desires will not be met.  Shortly after she returns she is jerked back into the limelight with the publicity tours required by the winners.  She is whisked away from her family again and must tour different cities pretending to be engaged to her co-winner Peeta Mellark played by Josh Hutcherson.  During one of the numerous presentations they make in the various different districts they must visit they encounter a variety of people all under tight authoritarian control.  In particular when Katniss arrives in the district where she previously helped their nominee they rise up in solidarity and support of their fallen comrade making a big impact on Katniss with their courage.  Guards quickly squash the outburst and the protestors are silenced forcibly.

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At about that time the rebellion is starting to be noticed the president sees that the games winners, in particular Katniss, are being seen as an icon of the rebellion and decides to initiate the “Quarter Quell” requiring the previous winners to enter battle again.  The winners all protest this decision as it goes against the promises that were made that they would be set for life.  As with other competitions the tributes are selected one male and one female from all the available winners within each sector.  Katniss is selected by default as she is the only available female winner from her district and Peeta volunteers so they re-enter the games together.  They travel for training and begin the games again building alliances and supporters through each area of the game until they are unceremoniously dumped within the game that is viciously controlled behind the scenes.  The game continues as they struggle to learn the secrets of the arena and survive.  As the battles continue and tributes are lost new alliance are formed until they finally attack the arena itself breaking the game and escaping with their outside supporters and now the rebellion has begun.

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The second movie in the series does not disappoint viewers with the high quality special effects and wonderful interpretation of the story.  The costume design and gallantry of the events helps to display the difference in the classes and show how the privileged have isolated themselves from the plight of the people in their district.  The heroine Katniss, is not the typical female heroine.  She is strong and ready to make the difficult decisions but is fiercely loyal to her family and friends doing everything in her power to protect them from harm.  Katniss has unique talents that aid in her survival both within the games in at home in the districts to survive.  She fearlessly hunts in both realms bringing home rabbits to help stay alive while hunting fellow tributes in the arenas making sure to stay alive.  

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The heroine Katniss is forced to make more choices about her true feelings for the men in her life with this second movie in the series.  From the forced fallacy of an engagement to Peeta and having to play up her disappoint when they must postpone their wedding plans possibly forever to having to hide her true feelings for Gale, the man she really loves.  This latest movie in the series shows the challenges a young woman faces in the difficult world she is stuck within.

The Hunger Games:  Catching Fire is an excellent production that truly brings to life the next in the series of books.  If you are looking for an enjoyable movie that truly presents the trials and tribulations the oppressed people face then you will enjoy this movie as the rise up in rebellion against the authoritarian regime. 

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