Depending on the usage intended an industrial tablet sized PC should carry a minimal rating of 54 and with the industry standard being IP67 there is evidence that “the higher the better” when it comes to built in durability. These portable devices do not receive the acknowledgment and “press” that they deserve and many have never even heard of an industrial grade PC. However, ask any law enforcement, fire, emergency response, military, or industrial experts and they will assure you there is not only a need for highly rugged and reliable computers on the job, but they are used every day with reliable accuracy.

The industrial tablet PC is no iPad (nor does it want to be)

Today we see a world that runs, quite efficiently, with the capable help of computers. Entire rooms may be filled with “servers” for the day to day operations of most any business. There is plenty of room in the work environment for a wide assortment of personal computers as well and with the addition of portable units, the range of computer usage has grown significantly. The Apple iPad, along with other small portable tablets and hand held devices added to the demand for reliable and portable computing ability that began with the conventional laptop style. Now add the “industrial” grade PC and you have an ever increasing range of communications capability embraced by the work force world wide. Industrial refers to the PC’s ability to withstand the harshest of environments and the roughest of handling as may be witnessed in military, police, fire, and construction or warehouse working conditions. A police cruiser may be parked in the hot sun for hours at a time with temperatures reaching 130 degrees or even higher. This would mean total failure for a basic laptop computer but an industrial grade PC with a high IP rating would be capable of withstanding such conditions without failure. The IP ratings (International Protection Rating) has come about as a means of grading the durability, safety, and reliability of these valuable computers so that those wishing to add one or more to their technical tools can choose according to their intended usage. The grading system is usually only found on the top of the line tablet PCs and higher is better when it comes to the ratings numbers.

Industrial grade PCs are just like typical tablets but built like a tank

When the aim is to add computing capability to the harshness of a work environment, nothing beats an industrial tablet PC for sturdiness as well as reliability, even in the harshest of weather. The industrial grade PC runs on an x86 processor with a desktop operating system just as a typical PC, laptop, or tablet (except for Apple products) and is a familiar environment for those who operate it. Screen size can be seen from inches up to twenty one inches but the in the case of an industrial type the screen can twist around and lay down flat so that the user can write on the surface (like writing on a desktop). These professional units bridge the gap between a typical desk top unit and a more portable and convenient laptop or newer tablet computer. The industrial grade PC can be water-proof, shock-proof, and even explosion proof when used in environments which are particularly hazardous, such as military use.