The IQ-Touch Electrolux Washing Machine

Electrolux has made quite a name for itself recently in the home appliance market, turning out a line of washers that attempt to go above and beyond what people normally expect from one of these devices. This is a marked change to how the company was received only a few short years ago, receiving some pretty negative criticisms from reviewers and consumers alike. Now that the company is trying to turn over a new leaf (and pretty successfully, it seems), it's time to sit up and take notice of just what's on offer here.

The newest Electrolux washing machine is the IQ-Touch, a machine that brings something new to the table. Specifically, users will now have the ability to save their favorite settings for every single parameter on the machine into a profile, similar to what you might find in a computer operating system. The practical result of this is that each member of a large family will be able to bring up their favorite wash settings at the press of a button, ensuring that even family members with extremely divergent needs will be able to get their washing done efficiently. Another funny side effect of this technology is that stubborn children will have fewer excuses for not doing their own laundry; the age old excuse of "I don't know how" is on its way to becoming obsolete thanks to features like IQ-Touch.

The other major feature worth mentioning is the ability to reverse the direction in which the door swings out. Since the IQ-Touch is a front-loading washer, there's always the potential issue of the door running into surrounding obstacles. This is especially a concern for people with limited space who need to be very careful when choosing an ideal spot for a washer and dryer. Thankfully, Electrolux anticipated this as an issue, providing the user with a door which can easily be adjusted to swing open in the opposite direction. This means that even if you want to put the washing machine next to a ceiling support beam which is blocking the door from being opened, just a few simple adjustments can remedy the situation.

Although a more detailed Electrolux washing machine review is forthcoming, I felt that the above two features were by far the most important things to consider since they are rarely found in a market that is crowded with "me too" products that never really innovate. I'm curious to see where the company goes from here, especially since they have expanded beyond solely manufacturing water dispensers. I would like to see them continue to revise their future washing machine lines to be even more convenient!