The Ibanez guitar company has been around since the 1920's and have supplied us with many famous models to date. There was a period of time when they copied other famous models of guitar, which got them into a little bit of trouble in the 1970's. Since then we have been blessed with many of their own original body styles that have gone on to become cult favorites among throngs of musicians worldwide.

The RG line of Ibanez electric guitar is my favorite among the many models the company has to offer. This line of guitar is a Prestige model which is made in the guitar factory in Japan. The RG is known for its slim and lightweight design and lightning fast neck, which is great for lead guitarists. The body style is similar to a strat-style, 2-horn guitar. The wizard neck is common to all the RG guitars and is without a doubt the fastest neck manufactured today. The wizard is usually a 5-piece design constructed of maple and walnut. The pieces are alternated, which give the neck its strength and allow it to be flatter and thinner. This style ultimately creates an environment for blazing speed.

Another classic that I'm partial to is the Iceman. This model is sort of similar in design to a Gibson explorer but has some notable differences. Ibanez has some sharper angles and transitions than the explorer and this is what gives the Iceman its identity. The pickups that came stock on the Iceman back when it first came out are some of the most sought after pickups today. These were Ibanez designed and manufactured and gave the Iceman a signature sound that was great for 70's and 80's style hard rock and heavy metal. These infamous pickups were known as the Super 80 and if you ever come across any I would highly suggest you grab them and show them some refurbish love.

As far as bass guitars go I really love the Ibanez Black Eagle. It is a little awkward at first to maneuver at the higher frets but once you figure it out it is a dream to play and has a deep booming tone that is perfect for dark metal and grunge. Nirvana's bass player, Krist Novoselic, is one of the most notable of recent day to adopt the Black Eagle as a main instrument of choice. The overall shape of the Black Eagle is quite similar to the Fender Jazz bass but again, Ibanez has some very notable differences that make it stand apart. The horns hook inward and that is what can make it a little tricky to get the hang of as your hands can get tangled up in them at the highest frets.

A final model that I keep in my lineup is the Artcore Hollowbody. This is reminiscent of the old school ES-335 by Gibson. My model is a classic cherry with maple sides, back and top. This is one bright sounding guitar and it sounds best played through a little darker sounding amp to balance out the highs it can produce. I have used this guitar for everything from bluegrass, to blues to jazz; it can do it all with the right amp settings.

Ibanez has been my favorite guitar company for many years and I don't foresee that changing anytime soon as they continue to over deliver on their products and grow their skill as quality luthiers.