The Ice Bear 300cc Magnum trike is becoming incredibly popular throughout the United States and many other countries. Some of the reviews of the three wheeler moped have been incredibly flattering, while some others have not been so nice. However, all seem to agree that the styling and overall cool looks of this 3 wheeled motor scooter is incredible. Patterned at least somewhat after the BRP Can-Am Spyder, this is a much smaller version with some differences between the two being pretty evident. The styling, however, is very similar. Let's review some of the facts with the Ice Bear 300cc Magnum trike.

Three Wheels – Only Different:

The Ice Bear 300cc Magnum trike is a three wheeled motor scooter that has two wheels in the back, sort of like the old world Honda ATC three wheelers, instead of having the double wheels in the front, like the Can-Am Spyder has. The company goes both ways on this one, since some of the models, like the Challenger and Spider 250cc models are b made with the double wheels up front. In addition to the Ice Bear 300cc Magnum trike having double wheels in the rear, the Touring 150cc and the Road Warrior both are made the same way. I would say it's really more of a personal choice, although the double wheel in the front, at least from what I can tell, is reported to be a little more stable when turning. It's really up to the rider to decide which they prefer, but if they want to get the Ice Bear 300cc Magnum trike, it will have to be with the double wheels in the rear.

Street Legal:

While three wheeler production was banned in 1987, these are made for riding on pavement, not off road. This means you can still ride them on the streets in 49 states, with California being the only holdout. Of course, before you buy the Ice Bear 300cc Magnum trike, you will want to check local laws and ordinances to make sure that the three wheeled motor scooters are not banned in your area. I am not aware of any such laws, but they could exist. Old three wheelers, like SnowCo three wheelers are not street legal.

When you go to register your Ice Bear 300cc Magnum trike, you may have to either register it as a motorcycle or a moped/scooter, depending on your state's rules. As such, the licensing to ride these on the streets could vary, since some states don't require a special license for riding a moped or motor scooter. It may be a good idea to check into this before you buy, since you may need to get special motorcycle licensing to ride legally in your area. If you buy an Ice Bear 300cc Magnum trike, you won't want to leave it sitting in the garage.

Highway Speeds:

One of the main benefits to getting an Ice Bear 300cc Magnum trike instead of a smaller moped or vintage three wheelers for sale, is the speed it can maintain. Small 50cc and 150cc mopeds and scooters cannot reach speeds suitable for the highway. Even if they could, the narrow tires and tiny frame would make those speeds dangerous. This three wheeled beast is different. The manufacturer of the Ice Bear 300cc Magnum trike claims top speed is 75-80 miles per hour. I would suspect, however, that as with most mopeds/scooters and cycles, most people would not get that speed under "load" (when a person is on it). You can probably expect around 65 miles per hour or a little bit more out of the Ice Bear 300cc Magnum trike. With the third wheel, it will be more stable at higher speeds. They have a little more speed than current 250cc motor scooter tricylces.

Fuel Economy:

The Ice Bear 300cc Magnum trike is reported to get in the 70-90 miles per gallon range, although the number seems a bit high for a motor that size. Still, if you only got about 50 or 60 miles per gallon, you would be saving tons of money on otherwise expensive gas. With a 3.5 gallon tank, you should be able to run your Ice Bear 300cc Magnum trike for hours and hours without having to stop for fuel. It is highly likely that the price of fuel has made this type of scooter really popular. When combined with cool looks and a third wheel, it's easy to see why the Ice Bear 300cc Magnum trike is so popular. The money you will save on gas could actually make it very cost effective to purchase.

Basic Features:

The Ice Bear 300cc Magnum trike offers big dual front headlights. This makes a huge difference when driving at night. While many scooters only have a single light, with limited visibility as a result, the extra headlamp will be a welcome safety feature. In addition, this is a water cooled, chain driven motor scooter with a digital dash. It has a fully automatic transmission, too. Unlike many motor scooters, the Ice Bear 300cc Magnum trike has reverse. You will love it once you need to back up, even if only for a very short distance to get turned around easier. In addition, the scooter has front and rear disc brakes.

The Price:

Expect to pay right around $5,000 for the Ice Bear 300cc Magnum trike. You may end up paying a little more or less, depending on where you get it. It may be wise to shop around online before you make your purchase, to see if you can find the best deal possible. Be sure to take shipping and handling into account. While the Ice Bear 300cc Magnum trike isn't the cheapest on the block, it is reasonably priced for what it is.

Mixed Reviews:

As with any product, especially those with a gas motor, there are mixed reviews of the Ice Bear 300cc Magnum trike. Some have not been pleased with the lack of customer service or the overall durability of the machine. Of course, there are plenty that are singing the praises of the Ice Bear 300cc Magnum trike. It would be wise to simply review what you can and make an informed decision.