It's a mistake to speculate that whatever room, even small and unpleasantly placed, is "quite adequate" for a kitchen. This is the room where housekeepers pass a big part of their time, and it must be among the brightest and all but convenient rooms in the household; for upon the results of no other section count so greatly the wellness and comfort of the family as on those affected in this "household workshop."

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Every kitchen must have windows on both sides of the room, and the sun must have complete entrance through them; the windowpanes must open by the top to allow for an all over exchange of air, for brightness and clean air are amongst the primary necessities to success in all sections of the house. Dependable drainage must also be furnished, and the ventilation system of the kitchen had better be even more carefully attended to than that of a bedroom. Kitchen cabinets must be efficiently designed for storage. The airing of the kitchen should be so plentiful as to thoroughly take away all gases and odors, which, collectively with steam from boiling and other cooking processes, broadly invade and deliver to some extent, unhealthful air in every other area of the house.

On that point, there should be plentiful space for range, tables, chairs, sink, and cupboards, yet the room shouldn't be so big as to demand too many steps. Beyond any doubt, much of the aversion for, and neglect of, "housework," so often lamented, comes up from unpleasant surroundings. The kitchen must be bright, airy, and clean, and the utensils shiny and clean. Kitchen cabinets should be ample. If these are met, the work of combining those food ingredients, which adorn the table and gratify the appetite, will be a pleasant task.

It's suitable, from a healthful standpoint, that the kitchen floor be constructed impervious to moisture; therefore, concrete or tile floors are more dependable than wooden floors. Cleanliness is the great desideratum, and this could be fully achieved by having all carpentry in and around the kitchen coated with polish; things which cause stain and grease blots, do not get through the wood when polished, and can be easily wiped with a damp cloth.

The factors of beauty shouldn't be missing in the kitchen. One of them should include sturdy kitchen cabinets. Pictures and fancy displays are inappropriate; but a couple of pots of easily grown flowers on the windowpane ledge or fixed upon brackets about the window in wintertime, and a window box set up as a jardiniere, with vines and blossoming plants in summertime, will greatly light up the room, and therefore serve to lighten up the task of those whose day-to-day labor restricts them to the precincts of the kitchen.