Revelation chapter seven records the sealing of a group of 144000 people by an angel from the East, who had the seal of God. Opinions vary as to the identity of these people, with one school of thought saying these make up the supernatural bride of Christ, for example. This article will prove who these people are, based on the Bible alone.

God’s Dealings in the Old Testament

In the Old Testament, God dealt chiefly with Israel and not the other nations. He chose them as his people, among whom he could put his name and receive worship. The divine commandments and revelation of his will came to Israel only. The nation also had prophets who reminded it of the will of God through their history.

Although the Old Testament saw the Jewish nation enjoy the presence and favor of God exclusively, the promise that someday the Gentiles would receive salvation remained. Among the scriptures that prophesied Gentile salvation is Genesis 22:18, Isaiah 42:6 and 65:1. However, the other nations were only going to come into God’s economy with the coming of the Messiah.
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Messiah’s Rejection by the Jews and the Result

The culmination of the Old Testament was the Messiah, the anointed one, God in human flesh. Jesus came to pay the price by his vicarious death so that salvation would come to all races. Israel overall, save for individuals, rejected their savior and handed him to the Romans for crucifixion as a capital criminal. Still, his death was necessary to purchase redemption for humanity.

The rejection of the savior by the Jewish nation opened the door for universal salvation.     Rejection of Christ by the Jews resulted in their spiritual blindness, which, in turn, led to salvation of all believing Gentiles during the church age. This church age has endured for about 2000 years now. It is important to note that in Romans 11:26-29, the promise for a future salvation of Jacob’s people remains. God’s covenant with Israel was not annulled; rather it was suspended to give other peoples a chance for salvation.

The 144000 are End Time Regenerated Jews

In light of the foregoing, the 144000 are elect Jews who receive salvation after the Gentile church age. That they are not Gentiles is borne out by Revelation 7:4-8 where 12000 from each of Israel’s tribes are sealed. Contrary to the belief that these are all male virgins, the fact is that this number comprises both men and women. In Zechariah 12:10-14, scriptures show men and women in mourning when they see the Messiah whom their fathers rejected. In Revelation 15, the fact that they did not defile themselves with women means they did not embrace false denominational teachings. Spiritually speaking, a church is a woman.

 This redemption of Jews happens in the time of the great tribulation, after the Gentile church leaves the earth in the catching away to the marriage supper. In Genesis 45:1, we see a type of this when Joseph dismisses his non-Jew wife and two children to another chamber to reveal himself in mercy to his brothers who sold him.


The Bible proves the identity of the group of 144000 as Jews, who receive salvation after the Gentile salvation dispensation. In the economy of God, these people serve as attendants of the bridal chambers. The millennial reign of Christ will commence once these elect Jewish people have received their salvation.