In recent years many have speculated that there is someone pulling the strings behind the throne, so to speak. Do you ever feel like you are no longer in control of your lives? Or that there is an invisible puppet master orchastrating everything your country does? These individuals behind the throne are called the Illuminati.

Some have speculated that these individuals are the backroom brokers and dealers that decide who becomes the next President of the U.S. or Prime Minister of Parliment. If these rumors are true that means that there is a highly secret cabal of individuals who control the destinies of all mankind. It also means that they are essentially running a shadow government behind the scenes that makes all decisions and what you read in the newspaper or see on television is what they want you to read and see.

Historically the Illuminati were a group of Bavarian nobles who hail from the enlightment. The Illumanati were formed in 1776 in Bavaria. In 1785 however, this organization was banned and exiled from Bavaria. Many speculate that they spread out around the world and infilitrated the freemasons, forming a hybrid freemason group and that the Illuminati have become the powers that control the masons and all other secret socities.

These individuals are reportedly in control of the New World Order and the direction that the world is going to take over the next few centuries. The crowns of Europe have been vanquished, communism has been vanquished, and now western culture is under the complete influence of the Illuminati. With no common enemy to fight or oppressive monarch to overthrow the Illuminati are able to direct their energies in creating a highly advanced New World Order that will completely erase national borders and unify the world under a one world goverment and currency. The Illuminati of course will be in control of this and the masters of the new world that will keep us as individuals oppressed for what might be, eternity.