The Persistent Illusion

Reality is Only An Illusion

Perception is Reality

What is power? Some would say that power is money. Others would say that it is position. The President of The United States has both money and position. Does that mean he has power? Well, I guess you can say that. The president has power, but it is not because of money or position. He does so because we give him it to him. Think about it. He is the president and has all the resources anyone could ask for, but here I am saying that he only has power because we say so. Well, It's true. 

No one has power over you unless you let them. This applies to everyone. From the president of the country to the guy next door. Noone can exert power over you unless you let them do so. People can try to treat you anyway they want but it is ultimately up to you to decide if you want to let it happen, take it back, or walk away. If we decided that we did not want the president, for one reason or another, we could get him off the chair and re-elect another one. Yes, the process to do that is rather tedious and many would rather wait for his term to end but the fact reminds, only those we allow to exert power have power over us.

This even applies to your boss. If your boss acts out for no reason, go ahead, talk to him like a human being and tell him to calm down. If he goes crazy on you, you are within all rights to tell him to stop. He is your boss, but that only means you work under him. He supervises your job and keeps you on track . You grant him that power in exchange for a paycheck. Had you no need of his money or decided to find a replacement, then you can take that power back. Do not let anyone treat you like garbage. A person can only do so if you let them. Only if you allow someone to treat you badly can they do so.



What We Perceive is What We believe

Credit: Tabitha Hawks

In reality, life is just how we perceive it to be. If we think we are nobodies who do not deserve anything, then that is exactly how life will treat you but if you stand up for yourself, stand up for what you believes and your values, then that perception of the world is what your life will materialize to be.



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Perception-Word or face?
Credit: tigeressence.20ml

What do you see in the above picture. If you see the word "liar", then that's your perception of the image. If you see the face, then your perception of what's real is the face on the image. They are both no less correct but some people just look at one and take that as the only fact. The same happens in life. There are many roads you can take to a certain destination, many ways you can perceive life. Do not limit yourself by not seeing and examining it to see the potentials for other interpretations. Power is but another illusion. Another interpretation of how we see things so if you want to gain the power to do whatever you want with your life, then try to work on changing your perception of reality.

As I mentioned on a previous article "Believe in Yourself: Choose to Succeed." Everything is energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. That  reality will manifest itself because your thoughts are also energy and we also  know from Einstein that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only be transferred, so transfer the energy of your thoughts into a material reality.