In the technological age, most businesses, regardless of their size, rely heavily on email as an efficient tool with which to improve the standing, reputation and profitability of their organization. A successful business is one that has mastered the art of communication. Yet when you main line of communication, namely your email, is not working properly, exactly how does this impact upon your business?

The Importance of email

It’s worth remembering in a world where the internet and social media are used daily to enhance and improve your business, that email is still a relatively new concept and one which we take for granted. We use email in all aspects of our lives, the personal and professional. It’s a great way to keep in touch with our friends, but it’s in the business environment that the email demonstrates its true strength. Finalizing deals, making transactions, fielding enquiries, receiving job applications, and advertising can all be done via email.

Communication Breakdown 

When businesses are without email, even for a temporary basis, it impacts heavily on the effectiveness and profitability of your organization’s channels of communication. Emails are incredibly far reaching and free to use. To talk to a client or business partner in different parts of the world via phone is a lot less convenient and a lot more expensive. Additionally many mobile phones require international sim cards to enable you to talk to people in other countries. Without a working email your business is without a voice. 

 Keep the Customer Satisfied 

When a new or existing client sends you a query via email and you fail to respond promptly then the chances are that client will go elsewhere. Great customer communication equate to great customer care, but how can you provide regular and reliable newsletters, press releases, catalogues, surveys, and thank-you notes to your clients when you’re email isn’t working? Pro-actively emailing your customer base and potential clients is the most powerful form of marketing and advertising that exists. By not waiting for your business to be discovered but helping an unlimited amount of customers discover it, will lead to a continual source of revenue for your company 

Organization is Key  

Your emails can act as a very effective database when it comes to housing the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all your existing and prospective clients. Additionally they can serve as a highly efficient method of monitoring every transaction and communication your business has ever made. Contracts, invoices and spreadsheet can all be attached to the body of emails which makes them a very resourceful repository of files. The bottom line is, when your email system is down, your business suffers in a lot of ways. So always ensure your company has a reliable and secure email provider and a tried and tested internet connection if you want to stay ahead of the game and lead the pack.