Get the gold

In today's world paper currency is being rapidly printed and continually losing value due to inflation and constant printing from the presses. The more paper currency that gets printed the less it becomes in value, thus we see prices go up and your dollar purchasing power go down. Gold has been a hot selling over the years and continues to be a great investment. Due to these changing and crazy times we need to do more than just own gold stock, but actually purchase and hold onto physical gold. Let's find out why.

Security for tough times

When times in a country get tough and things look grim, owning gold is a physical asset that cannot be depreciated in value unlike currency. The reason gold has become the great investment it has become today is because of these uncertain times. People don't trust in the government's lies of how the economy is improving and don't trust in how things are run behind the scenes. Corruption and bribery are rampant and fleeing to gold is a safe bet in hedging against constantly fluctuating markets and unrest with the people. We saw what happened in Cyprus recently with their government talking about seizing portions of citizeGold barn's bank accounts to pay for the debt. Who can trust the banks and their money's security anymore if the government can simply come in and take what doesn't belong to them? If you own physical gold then nobody can take that from you, because you own it in your house. Store it safe and the government can't tough it. This reason alone is why gold has become a hugely popular investment for poor and rich alike, but there are other reasons why it's continually being successful.


Due to the way the government works, gold prices have continually bounced around in price. One could wonder if this hype is true that gold is worth it if the price rises and falls. The key thing that most unsuspecting people don't understand, however, is that the only reason why gold falls so rapidly during the day for no reason at all is because of manipulation by the powers in charge. They don't want the people losing trust in paper currency so they tout their nonsense about the economy is getting better and show that gold falls constantly. The market isn't fickle and goes up and down because of its nature, but instead it falls because the price is heavily manipulated by those who benefit by seeing it fall. Now is the greatest time to own gold because things are still somewhat ok in the marketplace. All we need is a few big tragedies to hit the country for all hell to break loose and gold flies off the handle in price.

Physical gold disappearing

Since gold is such a great way to protect your assets besides other physical assets like a home or a car, people have been buying physical gold in droves. They are understanding this manipulation and crooked policies going on behind the scenes and have set out to take control of their own financial security and we see this going on all over the world. In Japan gold orders are through the roof and estimated delivery time are over a month since the demand is huge and the supply is scarce. If you are looking to invest in gold forget the gold stocks, this is the time to get the physical gold in your hands and lock it away in a safe so you are protected. Gold will never depreciate in value and paper currency is only going towards the cliff in this day and age. The importance of owning physical gold cannot be Goldunderstated in this uncertain time of our world system.

The demand is continually growing so time is running out to get orders in to get it in your hands. If things turn south and the market crashes again like in 2008 (which could easily happen once the government can't prop up things with printing currency anymore) then you don't want to be in a position others were in during the 2008 crash where 50% or more of their total net worth sank through their fingers in almost no time at all. Protecting yourself with precious metals is key to act as a hedge against all these paper transactions and numbers flying around before us. Numbers and paper currency will not survive where physical gold will.

Hedge of protection

Now that you see how important gold is not only in your portfolio but also in your physical possession, take the time now to research and purchase it. Time will only make it more scarce and harder to come by and you can't afford to wait with the days that we are in. If top economists and realists are wrong and somehow the economy does bounce back and everything turns into butterflies and fields with daisies again then owning gold still wouldn't be a bad choice for your protection. But with the numbers coming out as they are then the times has come to make this part of your portfolio and part of your safe's contents. Paper currency is being printed every day and it is out of control. We should have learned from Germany back in World War 1 or from Zimbabwe today that out of control money printing leads to use having to by wheelbarrows to carry the money to buy a gallon of milk. The prices aren't outrageous, only that our dollars in our hands are becoming more and more worthless and things are becoming more and more expensive to trade, create, and ship.

If you see the trends going on around the world and how everyone is furiously trying to find out ways of getting gold in their possession then you should follow suit because it's obvious that the public can remain oblivious for so long. Government intervention and corruption have driven markets towards stabilization but it can only hold for so long, whereas gold is a lasting precious metal and will remain behind forever. It can withstand the test of time, and your portfolio is at a huge risk if you do not own it.