I Need A Job
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One of the biggest issues in the United States is the amount of people unemployed. You have many people who say that this is a result of government regulations and taxes. I have a hard time buying that. I think many politicians and economists are over analyzing the employment situation. I think the biggest reason that there is a lot of people unemployed is simply because people are not qualified for the jobs in the current job market.

So when pundits tell us that college graduates are not landing jobs once they leave college you have to wonder who is at fault. Is it the college student’s fault for not getting a degree for jobs that are in demand in the current job market? Or is it the company's fault for not hiring student’s who are not qualified for the positions that they need? I place blame partly on the students and the educational system that they were brought up in.

The Job Market Has Changed And Will Continue To Change

Think about this for a moment. The jobs that were offered in the 40’s and 50’s are totally different from the jobs that are being offered today. In the 50’s there was not any demand for software engineers or software developers. As the world and technology changes the job market will change. Additionally, the job market has expanded because of the internet. Instead of job seekers competing domestically for positions they are now in competition with domestic and international job seekers.

The Job Market And How Much You Make

Another thing that job seekers have to understand is that the job market is all about supply and demand. The workers make up the supply and the businesses or employers make up the demand. This supply and demand also effects how much you can make.

If there are not enough qualified workers (supply) in the work pool to fill positions that companies need (demand), then companies will offer more money to entice the available qualified workers to work for them.

On the other hand, if there are a lot of workers (supply) in the work pool to fill positions that companies need (demand), then companies do not have to offer a lot of money for workers to fill their available positions.

Picking Your Profession Based On Your Passions Or Interests

Many advisors tell students that they should follow their passions or interests. This is great but will their passions or interests pay the bills. Sure there will be situations where a student’s passions or interests are favorable in the current job market, but this is not a common occurrence. Bottom line, the goal of every job seeker should be to be in a field or profession that is in demand and that there are not a lot of qualified workers that can fill that demand.

Job Seekers Must Know The State Of The Current Job Market

As a job seeker, you must know the state of the current job market. You need to know what jobs are in demand. If you want to get paid more than the average worker, then you will also need to know what jobs are in demand and if there are enough workers to fill that demand.

So how do you find out about the current job market and job market trends?

  1. Stay updated on current business developments. Start reading business magazines and journals like Forbes and Wallstreet. Many employers will talk about how they cannot find the employees that they really need. A lot of the magazines have online editions as well.

  2. You can gather a lot of information from job websites like Monster.com or Career.com. Freelance websites like Odesk.com or Elance.com can also give you an idea of jobs that are in demand.

  3. You can also do a simple search on Google. From time to time writers will post articles that feature “Jobs That Are In Demand” or “Professions That You Do Not Know About”.

  4. If you are in college, then somewhere on your campus is a career placement or job placement center. In addition to that, some colleges have career placement offices that are specific to your department like Business, Communications, or Science. You should pay a visit to your career placement office on your campus since you have already paid for it. While you are there ask the person in charge what are the positions that most of the companies are looking to fill.

The job market is like any other market. It is based on supply and demand. The key for job seekers is put themselves in a position where they are in demand. The only way to ensure that they are qualified for positions that are in demand is to understand the current state of the job market.