Saving Time When Publishing a Book

When publishing a book, it's easy to waste time trying to perfect the first draft. Most authors know how it feels to spend hours staring at a blank screen, struggling to find an impeccable way to express an idea, or fruitlessly attempting to create the perfect piece of pithy dialogue. Spending too much time trying to perfect every element of a story during this early stage can quickly become demotivating, however. It's often a better plan to power through the first draft, and then return to it at a later date to smooth off the jagged edges and flesh it out.

The Role of Rewrites

Putting too much time into the first draft can be foolish, as huge chunks of it will almost certainly be removed and altered. The rest of the text is likely to be rewritten and edited multiple times before publication. This knowledge should give you the freedom to experiment, and use the draft as a platform for ideas, and to mould the story. Rather than getting hung up on perfecting every small detail, pressing on with the process, with the full knowledge that you'll be returning to rewrite, can be a great way to make progress on a project, and really feel like you're getting somewhere. This can make the writing process extra invigorating and addictive, and can also flag up any plot holes at an early stage.

How to Handle Rewrites When Publishing a Book

Some writers hate the process of revisiting their work. If you can, however, you should try hard to embrace the opportunity to go back and perfect your work, as this will make your job a lot easier in the long run. Revisiting the first draft gives you chance to see how the story's coming together and how your characters have developed. It also means you can freely add intricacies and plot details to the world you've created. It's always good to leave some time in between finishing a draft of your novel, and beginning a rewrite. After spending a few weeks away from the project, you'll be able to return to your work fresh, and view it more objectivity. This will help you to gain a more accurate sense of what works and what doesn’t. Learning to enjoy the process of going back over your work and rewriting will make publishing a book far easier and more enjoyable for you.