Being a jewelry salesperson can be a lucrative profession, but transporting a lot of expensive jewelry alone can also be a very dangerous thing to do. This is why many salespeople focus first on disguising their products, or at least making them inconspicuous, before going door to door. Organizing your jewelry in some sort of salesman’s case also makes you look more professional and can increase your sales.

It’s vitally important to make your jewelry safe to carry, because if someone recognizes that you are carrying a large amount of valuable jewelry with you and steals it, a large part of your inventory, and thus your living, is gone. Salesman cases help to make your jewelry seem inconspicuous. Most are simple black cases that you can either carry or roll, and look similar to a businessman’s briefcase or a rolling suitcase. By camouflaging your product, you not only protect it from thieves, but you also protect yourself from attacks.

Opening a safe case to a pile of tangled necklaces is not good for your business, so you next want to make sure that your jewelry is organized inside of the case. While most cases do come with jewelry trays inside, this isn’t enough to ensure that your jewelry is safe and separated while in transport. Folding boxes, jewelry rolls and other storage organizers work nicely in the drawers of your display case to keep your jewelry untangled and in peak condition. The folding boxes can also be given with rings and earrings as gift boxes for jewelry.

While traveling salesmen offer convenience for the customer, some people are wary of making purchases in this manner. Many wonder if they are able to get quality items at a fair price from door-to-door sales representatives.  Organizing your jewelry to keep it from tangling helps you present your product in a professional manner, but there are more things that need to be done. Use different portable jewelry display cases and individual display tools, such as necklace display stands, to separate the different types of jewelry from each other. Additionally, make sure that each piece is in the right place before you meet with a potential client.

Jewelry salesman cases and organizers can be a lifesaver for many traveling salespeople. They not only ensure the safety of your product, but they also organize your jewelry and allow you to present it in a professional manner. Even though the cost may be higher up front, it is a solid investment that pays for itself.

A good retailer develops long-term relationships with customers so that they can best provide useable jewelry display and storage objects at the lowest prices possible. Their stock should include a wide range of items that can fill anyone’s jewelry supply needs. Look for a company that offers products that allow sales representatives to store and display their jewelry in a professional and safe manner.