The decision on what sort of curtains to put on your bedroom windows is an extremely personal one, and you shouldn't let other peoples views cloud your judgement on what is a good window covering and what isn't. After all, you are the one who is going to have to wake up and look at those curt every morning for years to come.
Bedroom Curtains
Whether you are in the process of fitting out a brand new home from scratch, or redecorating an existing one, one of the first decisions you need to make is what you will be using to cover your curtains. Most interior designers will tell you that its your curtains that will ultimately decide what the rest of your décor will look like, so it's well worth putting that little bit of extra effort in to ensure that you get something that matches your personality, and your visions for your home.

Your personality has a lot to do with the sort of curtains you should get. For instance, if you love the romanticism of moonlight shining through your bedroom window on a balmy summer evening, then you are going to want a more sheer style of curtain. If, on the other hand, you view your bedroom as your own personal cave that you can lock yourself away from the rest of the world, then you will more than likely want something that is going to block that moonlight out.

If it's not your room that you are looking at getting curtains for, but rather your children's, then that's a whole different kettle of fish. Kids love to make their rooms look cool and funky. They love the thought of having their own space that reflects their personality, and will enjoy bringing their friends around and having somewhere that expresses who they are. In this case you would be well advised to include your kids in the decision making process. The more say they can have in the style and color of their bedroom curtains, the happier they will be.

Kids also love to have their own space, and that's fine, but as parents we like to be able to keep tabs on what they are up to, especially if they have access to the Internet from their bedrooms. Although many kids will try and talk you into letting them have a closed door between them and the rest of the house, it is difficult to allow this as a parent, because it leaves you in the dark as to what is going on in there. A compromise that you can make with your child is to have beaded curtains in their bedroom doorframe. Not only does this provide a certain level of privacy, but kids love them for their style as well. You can get beaded curtains with all sorts of pictures and motifs on them, so you're sure to find something that will suit your child's tastes.