bowling shoesBowling shoes have long been considered a distasteful part of bowling. Many people think they are horrible for numerous reasons. The bowling shoes that are offered for rental in bowling alleys are supremely ugly to a lot of bowlers. They are scruffy, clunky and made of a horrible color combination, yet they are stolen from bowling alleys frequently. The most obvious reason that people hate them is that they are rental shoes. Not many people want to put their feet in shoes that so many have worn before them. But, bowling shoes are an integral and irreplaceable part of the game of bowling.

The Importance of Wearing Bowling Shoes

The first thing bowling shoes do is to help keep the bowling lanes in good condition. The soles on them do not scuff and scratch the lanes the way a normal pair of shoes would. The soles allow the bowler to move and slide on the lanes, like they need to, without falling. Without the slippery soles, a bowler would either ruin their shot completely or fall flat on their face.

Even though they may be unsettling, rental shoes are appropriate for the casual bowler. The serious bowler, however, should consider investing in a pair of shoes. There are a plethora of types and styles of bowling shoes for the consumer to choose from. They are no longer only sold at shops specifically for bowling. Many traditional sporting stores now sell them. As with selecting a bowling ball, the type of shoe a bowler chooses should depend on their skill level and their preference.

Selecting Your Bowling Shoes

Beginning bowlers should look into "athletic" bowling shoes. They look more like sneakers than other bowling shoes, but have the sliding soles that are so important. An experienced player should pick they type of shoes that most professionals wear, known as "performance" shoes. This type of bowling shoe has one non-slip sole and one that slides and gives the bowler greater maneuverability.

Contrary to popular belief, bowling shoes come in a wide range of styles and colors. In addition to the multi-colored shoes found at the bowling alleys, a bowler also has their choice of plain black or virtually any color bowling shoe they may want. If none of the local sports stores carry them, they can also be found online.

Cleaning Your Bowling Shoes

Even if a bowler does not opt to purchase a pair of bowling shoes, renting them doesn't have to be an ordeal. Bowling alleys, by regulation, sanitize them with antibacterial spray between each person that wears them. If it is still worrisome, the bowler can give them an extra spray down before putting them on.

The most important part of renting alley shoes is remembering to bring a fresh pair of socks each time. For the sake of everyone who wears rental shoes, a bowler should always wear socks inside them. If socks are forgotten, the bowling alley will usually have some for sale.

Bowling shoes are an integral part of the sport of bowling. They provide the lack of traction that is needed to produce a good shot, as well as protecting the lanes from street shoes. Bowling shoes can be purchased by the avid bowler or by someone who simply cannot bear to put their foot in a rental shoe. Rental shoes, however, are not as bad as many people may think, as long as a fresh pair of athletic socks is worn with them.