Hide Your Commissions from Hackers

Disguise Your Affiliate Assets

If you’re already making money with online marketing, there may be a chance that you’re not receiving all of the commission that you’ve earned.   Protecting your affiliate links can be one of the most important decisions you make when running an online business.


Affiliate links are links that direct Internet traffic to a product sales or service web page.  If a visitor buys that product after arriving at the web page through an affiliate link, that person receives a commission of the final sale.  Sometimes the commission can be upwards of 75 percent of the total price.  ClickBank is one example of an affiliate network.  Affiliates can sign up to promote ClickBank products and receive varying commission amounts depending on the product.

After signing up and becoming approved to be an affiliate, the affiliate is given an affiliate link or code, which is unique for each affiliate for tracking purposes and can be pasted directly onto a website to drive traffic.  The link is often long and complicated with the affiliate ID identified in the link code.  A simple typo or incorrect spelling of your affiliate link will result in no commission even if the visitor purchases the product.


Link cloaking is disguising your affiliate links in order to prevent potential risks from hackers or black hat marketers looking to steal your commission.  Another advantage to link cloaking is that when a visitor hovers over your affiliate link, it won’t be as obvious that it is an affiliate link.  Link cloaking redirects a visitor when they click the affiliate link.  Not only is this link cleaner for potential visitors but it will also protect your affiliate code and fend off potential hacker attacks.


There are many products and services that can be used to cloak links.  One of the most popular products is a Wordpress plugin called “Pretty Link.”  This free plugin allows website owners that use Wordpress to shorten links using their own domain name.

In order to properly protect your affiliate links you must also keep all of your information organized as well as getting familiar with your hosting company’s user interface.  Try using a simple spreadsheet to store your affiliate link data to ensure all of your assets are protected.

Cloak your links from crooks