Have you heard of fandoms? The word comes from the word “fan” combined with suffix meaning “realm” or “domain” (“dom” like in kingdom). As time has gone on, these little pockets of people are those who are excited about a particular thing, usually a type of entertainment. There are fandoms out there related to book series (Harry Potter), TV shows (Dr. Who), music (Belibers) and even more general groups (anthropomorphics, also called the “furry” fandom).

So why are fandoms so important in today's world?? Do they even really matter? With the world of the internet, we’re connecting with people with similar interests even more easily than before. Is this a good thing? Actually, yes, it is. Here’s why:

- Fandoms create community. You may not be able to find someone at your school or place of work that “geeks out” about Dr. Who as much as you do, or that really likes the one band that you like, but you can find someone online that does, and they will enjoy your enthusiasm and share it with you!

- Fandoms encourage creativity. A lot of people who are in fandoms are very creative people. You will find a large amount of rich art, creative writing, and more when you check out everything surrounding the fandom. There is a bad side to this as well, because sometimes people take it a bit too far, but most of the time this is a good thing.

- Fandoms give people something to get excited about. Everyone should have something that they’re excited about, and a fandom can fill that role in someone’s life. Even if it seems insignificant to some people that you may talk to, your passion is something that is important to you and gives you life and energy. 

So whether you’re someone who enjoys cartoons, or someone that can’t wait for the next episode of a popular (or not so popular) television show to come out, there is likely a fandom that will be ready to embrace you with open arms. So instead of enjoying it all by yourself, why not get involved with a fandom that fits your interests and likes?