Amazing service through sober living houses

While sober living homes can be a great place for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts to get clean and stay out of jail, there's no question of how incredibly important it is to find a truly good sober home that is being run by honest and scrupulous management.  This is an absolute key to their success, and it's really a shame that the good jobs don't get covered while the scams and people taking advantage of others do.

While these well run facilities are great services to the community, unfortunately it seems like quite often a news story breaking on a sober home is about some bad news because of an unlicensed or unscrupulous manager trying to take advantage of people who genuinely need help.

The December 2010 story from Scranton, Pennsylvania illustrates just how important it is to find reputable managers and well run sober living homes while passing laws to go after scammers and frauds.  In this story the "manager" of a sober home took all the rent being paid from eight women in a sober home, and then didn't pay any rent to the landowner for three months.  Because of this, just after Christmas the women found themselves being evicted from the home, racing to find a place to stay as well as in some cases calling authorities to stay out of jail as some were living in a sober living home as an alternative to serving jail time.

In this case the issue isn't that sober homes don't work, but there was one very unscrupulous manager taking advantage of a state not requiring any type of certification or rehab treatment training.  The sad part about this situation is that despite this, the sober living home setting was helpful for many of the patients there, and begs the question of just how amazingly effective a good sober house with an honest manager who has addiction recovery experience could be.

Fortunately, the local authorities worked with the women who were caught up in eviction because of a dishonest manager and they were put up in other homes with more reputable managers.  This story goes to highlight just how important it is to do the homework ahead of time to find a good house setup for sober living. The people who abuse their position should be punished badly and addicts deserve the loving support needed to pull through against their hardest struggles.

A guide to successful sober home

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When it comes to running a successful sober house, it takes experience, passion, and dedication in an important combination to make everything work. This guide can help individuals know what to look for in a good home in addition to help for those interested in helping to set up one. Sober houses are great aides to their communities, not things to be shunned.

These homes are important for treatment!

There's no question that these types of homes are extremely beneficial to patients when properly run and help recovering addicts make a real lasting transition back into life because the responsibilities like rent, chores, and normal every day stresses are a part of recovery.  Many times someone in a completely isolated recovery program falls back off the wagon once in the real world because of lack of support and because they never trained to deal with the stresses and responsibilities of everyday life.

This is where these homes really thrive because there is a lot less shock from the "getting back into the swing of regular life" because all along they are living in an actual community that has to function and has to work with responsibilities and everything else attached to it. They have to make enough income to make payments, have to stay accountable, and have to take care of themselves in day to day life.

Since sober house living requires patients to pay rent and do their share of chores, addicts treated here are more prepared to live clean and sober, and the other residents of the house automatically give an understanding and caring community to support them. This is always what it takes to get from the demons of addiction to overcoming them and being able to move into an addiction-free life of happiness and fulfillment back in regular society. These are great programs that are doing some serious good in the world and need more support.

Hopefully this article has helped to convince you these are a good thing. While the exact look and setup can vary from one place to another, if you want to see an example of what a good sober living home looks like, take a look at the New Found Life Sober Living House of Delray Beach Florida located at

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What does a sober living facility look like? Video tour.

This is a good look of a video tour of a sober living home. From room to room this will give you a great look at what these places look like and how they can provide a poistive living area and support to help alcoholics recover one day at a time. This is a great example of giving pride and dignity to those who need every small victory to climb back up to successful day to day life!