Proper hygiene and grooming are important for puppies. For obvious reasons, proper hygiene is essential for puppy’s health. However, the importance of proper grooming is always overlooked.  For example, cutting or clipping puppy’s nail needs to be done as soon as the puppy’s nail starts to grow. If their nails are not regularly clipped, there is a high possibility that it will snag with different things in the house. If this happens, puppy’s nail will break and may cause wounds on their toes. Nail trimming tools can be found at most local pet stores.

Most puppies, especially the long-haired ones, need a regular haircut to prevent excessive shedding. Even though there are breeds that don’t shed, all puppies need their hair to be groomed regularly, whether they shed or not. Regular haircut and proper brushing routine also help puppies to have healthy coat as well. Aside from these benefits, haircut and brushing your pet’s fur or coat can make them feel and look clean at the same time.

Ear cleaning is another grooming practice that is essential for all puppies. Cleaning puppy’s ear regularly can prevent it from getting infected. Breeds like Golden Retriever, Basset Hounds and Cocker Spaniels are prone to various chronic ear infections; therefore keeping their ears clean can help them a lot by keeping them away from these infections. Get some cotton balls and ear-cleaning solution for dogs. These items can easily be purchased in local pet stores. Swab the cotton balls with ear-cleaning solution inside the ear canal opening and around their ear’s creases.

Bathing your puppy is the most beneficial grooming practice for puppies. Bathing the puppies regularly can help keep their skin clean and healthy. Aside from healthy skin, bathing can also help their coat healthy preventing unwanted shedding. In bathing puppies, only use shampoos that are made especially for dogs. NEVER use human shampoos when bathing puppies because it contains high PH content that can cause irritation for puppy’s skin. Puppies should be bathed at least once every four to eight weeks.

Brushing puppy’s teeth and proper dental care are also important. It is highly recommended to brush puppy’s teeth after every meal. Brushing their teeth should be introduced to puppies as early as possible or once they start to lose their first teeth. Puppy’s toothbrush and toothpaste are widely available in local pet stores. Never use human’s toothpaste in brushing puppy’s teeth since it is dangerous for them.

It is the owner’s responsibility to keep their puppy pets groomed regularly. Proper grooming is very important for puppies not only for them to look good, but for health reasons as well. Whatever breed it is, in general, all puppies need to be well-groomed and clean all the time.