Kids will play with just about anything. And if you look away for just a second they’d be knee-deep in the mud where millions of germs are thriving.

It is crucial then to teach your children the importance of hand washing. Hand washing is your family’s first line of defense against unseen threats.  It prevents the spread of germs and keeps your kids from contracting an illness.

Germs can be transmitted through the following:

  • Touching dirty hands
  • Changing dirty diapers
  • Through contaminated food and water
  • Through droplets released during a cough or sneeze
  • Through contaminated surfaces
  • Through contact with a sick person’s bodily fluids

It’s very easy for kids to get infected. All it takes is for them to touch their eyes, nose or mouth with a germy hand and that’s it. Proper hand washing prevents against the spread of diseases, from colds to more serious diseases like meningitis, the flu, hepatitis A, bronchiolitis and most types of infectious diarrhea.

Proper Hand Washing

It’s not enough to simply let your kids run water over their hands. Disease-causing germs are not so easily removed. This is why you have to teach your kids the correct way to wash hands. Wash hands together so your children will understand just how important it is. You might want to consider getting a safety step tool for your kids since it is more convenient than having to carry each child near the sink or having to pull a chair just so each child can reach the faucet. Kidz Step Safety Step Stool is an ideal step tool for your kids since it lets your children safely reach over the sink and wash their hands. What’s more, Kidz Step Safety Step Stool is self-retracting; it automatically retracts back up and underneath lavatory, out of adults’ way.

Once everything is in place you can now start demonstrating how to your kids how to wash hands correctly.

  • First, wash you hands in warm water.
  • Next, use soap and lather for 20 seconds. Make sure you in between fingers and under the nails where germs could get stuck.
  • Don’t forget to wash up to the wrists.
  • Rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean towel

To lessen the germs that could be passed around your family, make hand washing a rule in the household. Make it a point to wash hands –

  • Before eating and cooking
  • After using the bathroom
  • After cleaning the house
  • After touching animals, including your pets
  • Before and after visiting or taking care of sick relatives and friends
  • After going outside