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Emergency and disaster preparedness assistance is the aid given to people, organizations or governments that have experienced a natural disaster or a catastrophe.  The aid is given before and after the disaster has occurred for the purpose of realizing a survival and recovery. The preparedness and assistance is offered to the people inform of trainings, money, food and goods for the emergency kits and so on to facilitate surviving and recovery after a disaster.  You just never know when the disaster or the next disaster might strike! It is important to have measures or plans in place to ensure that everything should be able to go on as usual after a disaster has occurred. A disaster is not limited by time or space, by this I mean it can occur at any given time and can cause an enormous and an unaccounted for destruction.

When is an emergency and disaster preparedness assistance granted?

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Emergency and disaster preparedness assistance has to be planned much earlier on and as soon as a disaster occurs. This will ensure that people are physiologically prepared to face what it is that may be coming and handle the situation on the ground. The disaster emergency preparedness is achieved over a long period of time. Governments and other nongovernmental bodies that work in the different parts of the world, endeavor to come up with plans that aim to educate and inform its people of the different calamites or disasters that may befall them. This will prepares the people on whatever may be coming a head of them.

Emergency and disaster preparedness assistance plan

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A plan is always ideal for any kind situation and it is best described as being prepared which is also referred to as a formulae.  Many stake holders come together to ensure that proper plans are put in place without which many losses will be incurred causing a lot of damage to people, homes, businesses and the economy of a place at large. When people have a plan, it simply means that they are preparing for the challenges to come because they will not be caught an aware. Emergency and preparedness assistance plans will ensure that you are always a head of your circumstances. 

Plan for a quick emergency response once a disaster occurs. Once a disaster is about to occur or occurs it is important is very important to guarantee the safety of human beings, their pets and if possible the possessions that they consider to be very important to them. They can be done by establishing evacuation plans and routes, and a central and common meeting point. It is important to be able to establish clear communication plans especially in cases of calamities. This applies both to organizations and families at home. The organization would need it more so to communicate to fellow colleagues regarding the disasters and the urgency of reacting. For families it is important that they have a temporal place that they can call home through their friends or relatives are an extension of emergency and disaster preparedness assistance.

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It is important to have your documents stored in a safe but very convenient place. Disasters do not have a specific set time for them to occur. It important to have all your documents in place just in case of such an occurrence for evacuation. It is also advisable to have copies of your most essential documents so that after a disaster has occurred it is easy for one to start all over again with a proof of qualifications. This can be done by saving them on computers, online or even in different offices to avoid damage or the total distraction of your documents. The proper storage of documents and back up is one way of ensuring that you are set in terms of emergency and disaster preparedness assistance.

One way of ensuring that one has taken the right precautions towards disaster emergence and preparedness is by investing in insurance covers. Insurance is plan put in place to safe guard ones future against any kind of risks or calamities. There are very many organizations that have plans in place that guarantee security and a new beginning to any one affected by the cause by which they have insured themselves against. For people with homes the insurance is able to build for them new homes and for people with businesses they will be in a position to recover their businesses.

Creating a kit for survival during a disaster is a very important factor that everyone should think of. There are vital things that should never be left out in a disaster kit for survival; these important things include vitamins, flashlights and extra batteries, a portable radio, first aid supplies, water that is of course bottle, a first aid kit and some vital tools that would be needed including knives.

Emergency and disaster preparedness assistance is also in form of cash. The cash is given by the form of loans to the government, individuals and businesses for the purpose helping them get back on to their feet with an aim of being refunded. These organizations are registered to carry out such processes and are very vital for the emergency disaster preparedness assistance. Most of these organizations are profit making organizations.



There are non-profit making organizations that give aid to the people affected by disaster. These organizations work by evaluating the amount of damage done so as to able to give aid in terms of money depending on the amount of damage on the ground. They mobilize funds by getting grants that they get through organizations and people who are able to give funds with an aim to help people in need.

This is the only we are able to protect our loved ones and investments too.  No one knows when natural disaster strikes and for areas that experience any of this natural disasters, It is important that people have the survival and recovery after a disaster hits. This is to ensure that life and its quality goes on.