I have seen a lot of discussions about keywords and many writers claim they don´t think that keywords really matter or that they prefer to just write they way they want to write without having to focus on the use of keywords. While this is of course a valid claim and all up to each writer to make, it becomes a little bit different when one is trying to make money online writing articles or whatever type of content.

The use of keywords is important if you want to make sure that people will be able to find your writings, if you want to make sure you will be able to rank it in a good position in the search engines and if you want to ensure that those visits to your articles actually pay off.

So let´s have a closer look at what keywords actually are and how they can make a difference to your online earnings.

The most basic description of a keyword is probably the specific most important word or set of words your article is based upon that people can use to find your article. The keyword should capture the essence of the article you are writing.

Now the really fun part about keywords and one that many people just don´t seem to understand is that any article written and published online is not based on just one keyword but on many of them and including several long tail keywords as well.

Long tail keywords are variations of your keyword and consist of several different words. I will give you a little example to explain. As a writer you could be writing an extensive article about something you are very passionate about, for example your favorite hobby which happens to be growing grape vines.

So when you start writing your article you want it to be on the long-tail keyword "growing grape vines" but as soon as you start writing your article, there are a lot of other words that are very similar and closely related to that keyword. For example you could write "how to grow grape vines" or "grape vine growing at home" or anything that fits in to your article.

Once your article is published and indexed in the google search engine, it does not end there. People might be able to find your article when they are searching for "growing grape vines", which is what you set out to achieve in the first place, but some might actually run into your article when doing a search on "how to grow grape vines", "grape vine growing at home" or even totally unexpected combinations of words that leads them to your article.

Keywords become important when you want your article to be read and there is a lot of competition going on for those keywords that can bring a lot of money. There are quite a few business areas online that count for a huge amount of money, like for example the diet niche or insurance companies. Anything that makes a lot money attracts a lot of competition.

Once you have a keyword you want to write about, you better make sure that you can beat the competition in order to land your article on the first page of google for that particular keyword or your article just won´t get any readers.

Beating your competition can be done by making sure that google things that your article is among the most important ones for a specific keyword. And here is where it becomes tricky and where many writers go wrong.

I can totally relate to writers saying they prefer writing because they like writing and not having to write in a specific way that is optimized for search engines (SEO) and quite honestly, I am one of them. I love writing just about anything but the moment I do have to write about a specific keyword and make sure it is mentioned a certain amount of times in key positions to optimize my article, it feels like all the fun is drawn out instantly. However, in order to make money online with keywords and article content it get´s a lot easier if your articles are optimized.

The next part of getting your article seen by many visitors is to ensure that the article ends up on the first page of google for your specific keyword and they way you can do this is to start building links to your article with the keyword in your anchor text. The more links you build to it, the more online exposure your article gets, the more likely it becomes that it will land on first page.

There is one more thing that I would like to clarify about the importance of keywords. Before anything you should ensure yourself that the keyword you are going to write about is going to not just profitable (able to convert into some money either through adsense sharing revenue programs, affiliate commission or direct advertising fees) but also a keyword many people are interested in.

It is actually pretty easy to find keywords that can bring in some profit and don´t have that much competition, but if there are only 50 people a month looking for it, bets are that it is not worth spending your time writing the article and adding back links to it in order to get it ranked high.

This is why you should try to calculate the potential monthly earning of a keyword before you spend your time and money focusing on it. There are different formulas in order to find out what the potential monthly earnings for a particular keyword is. I learned about this formula in the Keyword Academy and when I finally realized where I had gone wrong all this time and actually changed the way I was working online, things changed for me and they changed rapidly.

All of a sudden I started making money online with writing articles and focusing on keywords that were profitable, rank-able and with enough monthly traffic, which is why I would highly recommend anybody signing up for the Keyword Academy, especially since they offer the first month for free.

Either way, if you are writing for money online, please look into the importance of keywords and the correct use of them to ensure your future earnings online become secure.