What is a kitchen?

Kitchen(85383)Credit: gastroweekly.com

The kitchen is a place to prepare and cook food. Typically a modern kitchen has several equipment such as utensils, cooking paraphernalia like pots, pans, knives, chopping boards, etc. It also has refrigerator for storing food such as vegetables and other food products, and a freezer used for storing frozen meats. Other electric appliances that one can see in the kitchen are oven, blender, range, etc. Furthermore, a kitchen has also a sink with running water, cabinets, and tables.

I strongly believed that certain kitchen rules and practices are extremely crucial to learn for children, aspiring cooks and beginners. When one is ready to jump into the kitchen, take note about these practices to have a better understanding about the kitchen environment. When one is ready to start how to learn to cook, these safety practices will enhance confidence and motivate anyone to try new things in the kitchen.

There are items there that may hurt or may cause burn and cut. Cooking with children is fun and can create an opportunity for a delightful family bonding. However, always bear in mind these safety practices in the kitchen.

Kitchen appliances

As a beginner, start using utensils or equipment that are easy to use, before using a more complicated one. Begin using a whisk instead of an electric mixer. Use a plastic measuring cup or stainless steel to prevent breakage as what happens most to glass. We cannot avoid canned goods in the kitchen. When using a knife to open canned goods, be careful of the sharp edges, and always have adult supervision especially for children when cutting foods. Using the knife to slice spices and any fruit including vegetables is what my children learned first from me.

Make sure to have a proper tool in cooking such as measuring cups, utensils, pots, and cutting board before cooking. Make sure that the handles of pans and pots are facing in, to avoid untoward incidents. Always keep pot holders handy or within your reach to move hot items anytime. The most common causes of burns are hot surface that is why a hot pods, oven mitts, and pot holder are a must in every kitchen.

For a starter, burns can sometimes happen, to remedy this place the affected area in running water for 10-15 minutes. See a doctor immediately if blister starts to appear

Washing and cleaning

Washing and cleaning is tremendously beneficial when preparing food in the kitchen. Always remember to wash your hands with soap and water and dry with a clean towel afterwards. If one has a pet in the house avoid touching them. Keep your washed hands away from the face and hair before cooking.  Rinse all fruits and vegetables in running water thoroughly before using them. It is crucial to clean and wash equipment and utensils after using. Avoid loose clothing but instead use a clean and proper apron for cooking.

Read directions

Read carefully equipment directions so as not to put plastic containers in an oven, because there are plastic containers which are microwave or oven safe while some are not. Another thing is do not ever leave cooking food unattended and always keep flammable objects away from your range, to prevent household fires.


Always store foods properly, follow the rules of keeping foods. Throw food with mold to avoid contamination.

When someone says I want to learn how to cook, they should know some kitchen safety practices and certain rules as a first step towards learning how to cook. These kitchen practices will help anyone in understanding kitchen environment and avoiding injuries while starting to learn how to cook.