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From the earliest age, children love music. Parents take advantage of this by singing lullabies which soothe them. Many young children respond to music that they hear. As children get older, they eagerly begin to make their own music. Parents should provide toy instruments to children.

  There are many toy drums, pianos, flutes and other musical instruments for children. These are often very inexpensive. Parents can purchase nice units or they can find existing instruments in the house or from other family members. By providing opportunities for children to make their own music, parents can establish an early musical appreciation in children.

  As the child matures, better instruments can be provided allowing them to create better music. As an aptitude develops, boys and girls may express a desire to concentrate on a particular musical instrument or family of instruments. This is to be encouraged by parents.

  There may be an organized band or orchestral music program at the schools. Many schools have established both informal and formal groups. Unfortunately, funding is often a problem for music programs at schools. To fully develop music skills in children, parents may have to locate professional music teachers. They will offer musical lessons outside of class time. The skill level of children who are given the opportunity to learn from a dedicated music teacher will increase rapidly.

  Parents may need to be inventive when finding musical education for their children. Consider checking whether talented family members or friends can offer lessons. Locate quality musical instruments in the used section of music stores, online at eBay and other vendors or ask teachers if they have inventory for sale. It is a well known fact that musical education is important for children. Funding may be adequate at schools or not. The development of musical skills in children, however, is an important job for parents.

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School Music Programs

Many schools still offer musical education programs for students. Many, however, have discontinued these in a response to funding shortages. If your local schools do have such instruction, these should be supported by the community.

Students who study music in school often become very adept with their chosen instrument. They may also get to use various instruments, depending on availability, their teacher's knowledge, and more. Some schools rent, or loan, equipment to students. Often a rental agreement can be arranged with local music shops.

 Encourage young students to experiment. They should pick a field of study that is of interest to them. This may or may not be something that their friends do. Good starter instruments are clarinets, flutes, trumpets, and the piano. Pianos have the advantage of being very common, especially as the same knowledge can transfer to organs and electric keyboards.

School music programs are great ways for youngsters to gain academic credit. They get a basis in real world skills. They learn the performance field, a skill which may stay with them for the rest of their lives. Having access to formal instruction early is very beneficial. It is a shame that so many schools have discontinued these programs.

YouTube as a Study Aid

Many people have posted lessons on YouTube. These videos are of various length and they appeal to virtually any ability level. A quick search of the site shows posted lessons for virtually all types of instruments.

Such clips can be very helpful, especially to beginners. They will often provide commentary about the learning process. These tips are likely to save a lot of time, or improve the memorization steps. Many areas of music require a good memory. The YouTube clips provide very helpful methods to really help the process.

When examining YouTube videos, be sure to use the keyword search tool. Enter "Clarinet Lesson", if that is your playing area. Note that the lesson clips will often show whether they pertain to beginners, intermediate or expert levels. Be sure to watch those that are appropriate to your playing level. In time, you can move to more difficult lessons.

If you find someone who teaches on YouTube in a style you prefer, be sure to subscribe to the person's channel. This will allow you to more easily find them when you come back to YouTube again.

Check out the viewer statistics for lesson clips. Each video shows just how many viewers have watched the clip over time. You can also check the posted date. If you see a video that has a lot of viewers in a relatively short period of time, you likely have found a pretty good instructor. You will want to subscribed to the person's channel in this case.

Learning With Amazon

Amazon provides many helpful products for the budding musician. In addition to the instruments themselves, Amazon has many books that contain music, instructional lessons, and tips. There are also helpful applications listed that work with your mobile devices. All of these tools will make learning a more enjoyable experience.

Joining a Local Group

Check out musical groups in your area. Many bands and orchestra groups are available. Some will accept beginners. Find out if there are any in your area. There may be members who offer instruction. There may be members who are selling clarinets, trumpets, etc. You may be able to obtain good quality gear at a reasonable price, whether you are a member or not.

These groups may be associated with a school, local church, or other organization. Look in your local newspaper for details. You may also find them on Facebook. Most are very welcoming of new people. Be sure to watch for their concerts, especially if you intend to join the group in the future. A live music show will give you a very clear sense of the group. You will get an idea of the music they play, how talented the members are, and how enthusiastic the audience is.

If you do join such a group, be sure to advertise the concerts on you own Facebook page. Make sure your friends and family members attend. Live performances are very beneficial to a community. Those involved deserve the thanks, and support, of a local group of patrons.