Every day, numerous motorcycle owners head out to enjoy the open road. Unfortunately, some of these riders end up stranded due to battery problems. Battery failure isn't just inconvenient, it can often lead to dangerous problems. Before you take your bike far from home, learn what happened to Sarah.

Sarah's story

Sarah loves her motorcycle more than any other possession. As the weather begins to warm in Colorado, she excitedly prepares for relaxing rides in the mountains, where she can escape the pressures of ordinary life.

One day, Sarah heads out on another fun trip. Unfortunately, she has failed to properly service her motorcycle battery, and soon, she ends up stranded by herself on the side of the road. It takes only a few moments for Sarah to see that she may be in big trouble. Far away from help, she has no food and little water. Thankfully, she has her cell phone, which she uses to call a tow truck. Hours pass before the tow truck arrives. Fortunately, Sarah will not have to abandon her motorcycle or spend the evening in the mountains. That said, she ends up having to pay a large sum of money for something that should have never happened.

Good battery maintenance

Anytime you take your motorcycle on a trip, you should make sure the battery is in optimum condition. If you have a typical, conventional battery, take a few moments to ensure that fluid levels are adequate before heading out. Remove the caps to see if the cells appear dry; if they are, add clean distilled water. Additionally, look for any signs of terminal corrosion and leaking acid, including tarnished chrome and faded paint.

If you aren't confident in your ability to service a conventional battery, consider buying a sealed variety. These maintenance-free batteries are ideal for people who like riding their bikes but don't particularly enjoy working on them.

Whatever battery you choose, it's critical that you have your alternator checked from time to time to ensure that it is functioning properly. This component is responsible for charging your battery while the bike is in use. If it fails, your battery will quickly die, regardless of its overall condition.