If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, durable cook wear is an important investment. In addition to lasting for years, high-quality cookware will result in a more evenly heated cooking surface and a better presentation. While you don't have to purchase the most expensive cookware, you should collect a few of the better pieces for your kitchen. Once you use them, you'll wonder why it took you so long to make the switch. If you decide to upgrade your kitchen equipment, visit the Sur La Table and Design Within Reach websites to choose new cookware.

Save Money

While your initial investment will be higher than purchasing cheap cookware, you'll save money over time. Durable pots and pans will last for years, while the cooking surfaces of inferior products will quickly degrade to the point where they are virtually useless. If you have to continuously replace your cookware, you won't save money in the long run.

Cheap Options

Durable cookware doesn't have to be expensive. While high-grade steel and copper cookware is wonderful, many people can't afford a kitchen full of it. One option is to collect it piece by piece. Another option is to look at lower-cost materials. Cast-iron is one of the most durable cookware materials available and comes with a low price tag. If you choose to purchase cast-iron cookware, try to find pre-seasoned items. Unseasoned cast-iron can be conditioned for cooking by lightly coating the items and placing them in a hot oven for about 30 minutes. Once you have a properly seasoned pan, you'll enjoy the even heating and unique cooking properties that come with cast iron.

Better Food

Your recipes will turn out better when you use durable cookware. Food that cooked unevenly or stuck to the cheaper pans might magically turn out better once you switch to a better quality piece of cookware. In many cases, the cookware is just as important as having the right ingredients. Even something as simple as baking chocolate chip cookies can turn into a different experience once a better cookie sheet is used. Suddenly, your cookies don't burn on the bottom or stick to the pan.

Easier Cleanup

Cleanup becomes an easier task with durable cookware. Most people wouldn't think about it, but good cookware that prevents stuck-on food makes all the difference in a quick clean-up after dinner. Even if food is burnt onto the pan, it will usually loosen easier on durable materials than on the cheaper versions.

Less Foreign Material in Your Food

Low quality cookware often flakes and peels. Some of this material could come loose while you are cooking and end up in your finished meal. If it's not detected, there's a high chance that it will be eaten. While some materials won't do a great deal of harm when ingested, paint and non-stick materials can be toxic if enough is eaten over time. If you have small animals like birds as pets, the fumes from cheap, non-stick cookware can impact their health.