Think to yourself just for a moment about an item that is invaluable to you. It may be something that was handed down to you, or something someone you love gave to you just yesterday, no matter what its earthly value is, to you this item means something. Now I want you to think of technology. Think of all of the ways our nation's engineers have come up with for communication. My guess is that you instantly thought of cell phones and the internet. Now, before you think I am totally out to lunch, just keep reading.

Technology is no doubt on the fast track to the newest innovative ideas to make things more simple and fast. People work around the clock to come up with ways to utilize the inventions of the past and make something that will just intrigue the minds of our nation's citizens, leaving them excited and wanting the new product. Take the internet for example, it is a great way to communicate with just about anyone you wish, and it is done so with the click of a button. The internet too, is constantly being developed and reprogrammed to eventually have a whole new invention that will allow the waves of communication even easier, and a product called "Skype" is an example of this utilization. While there are countless products based around the one idea of the internet, what ever happened to good old fashioned envelopes and stamps? Most of us now days, if at all, use them to do nothing but pay bills, but we too can use the internet for that as well. So why keep them around?

Think back again about that item from earlier; the one that means something to you. It may be just a coin, a hoodie, a vase, a purple heart, etc. to someone else, but to you, it carries no value because it was given to you by someone you care about, and that makes it priceless. Every time you look at that item or even think about it, you think of the memories don't you? Now, imagine that you are across the, what seems sometimes, endless oceans, with new friends, but none the less you are separated from your family, friends and everything you know and love. While the waves of communication are various, you can still talk with them and show each other pictures, but wouldn't it be nice to hold something from home in your hands? Wouldn't it be nice to have a little bit of home to hang onto each night? While the internet and all of the new and improved ways of staying in touch with someone are easily available and always at the ready, nothing can take away the meaning of sitting down and writing a heart felt letter to someone you care for.

Our men and women of the military must go for days, weeks, months and even years away from their loved ones and friends while they are deployed. Each day when they get to hear the words "Mail Call", they all hope to have something from home, something to make their current home not so lonely. Nothing would mean more to them than to have you take time out of your busy schedule to write to them. Even if you just write those three little words on a piece of paper and send it to them, I can assure you, it will be cherished and held onto very tightly. Sometimes we just need to embrace the old fashioned ways and realize that taking the long way sometimes is the better way to go. That piece of paper with ink on it will become his or her invaluable item.

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