The work of a freelance video editor is more than just dealing with visuals, a point that many experienced editors often forget about. Visuals are only half of the story with video, and if the audio is not up to par it does not matter how great the visuals are. In fact, there will be times that whole video takes will have to be scrapped because the sound is not high enough quality. All of this means that a film editor needs the means to deal with visuals and sounds, which means having a well soundproofed editing room.

For a freelance video editor to really be able to get the detailed and nuanced work done on the sound aspect of a project, they will need a studio room that has been prepared with the proper soundproofing materials, in addition to a pair of high quality monitors or speakers. The monitors can be found in any number of online or brick and mortar stores, and will vary according to budget, but in most cases, you get what you pay for with audio equipment.

Thesoundproofing materials are a little more complicated. You can go for professional soundproofing solutions that will be effective but costly, or you can go for the do it yourself option, which should still be effective but will take up your time as opposed to your money.

The basics that any video editing room will need are some soundproofing panels on the walls and the door. Doors and window are trouble spots in the rooms as far as sound escaping and reflecting. You should aim to do your video editing in a room that has few windows. While you're at it, the room should start out with a good natural response to sound if you want to make things easier on yourself.

If you have couches or sofa chairs around, you may want to put them in the corners of the room, as that is where bass builds up and this can reduce that problem. All of this work with soundproofing materials will not go to waste for the freelance video editor; sound can be adversely affected by its surroundings and this can influence poor and deceptive work.

When working as afreelance video editor, you are combing sound effects, natural recorded sound, and music together to make a cohesive whole. This requires a fragile mixing of audio sources that can easily be botched if your room and equipment does not give you an accurate picture of the sound. You are creating a sound atmosphere to go along with visuals that needs to be realistic and bring people into the video, not push them out by being improperly mixed. This is why the room soundproofing materials are not to be ignored.

As a freelance video editor, your work is the best advertisement for your future employment; you do not want to ruin this because you have ignored the sound aspect of video. Give yourself every advantage to do professional work by having an editing room complete with the proper soundproofing materials.