If you've ever been in the high temperatures of the Middle East or in the hot sun of the states and start to get feelings of nausea, an increased heart rate, a problem producing tears or just feel weak and worn out, you may be experiencing dehydration. If you are participating in recreational activities such as riding a bicycle, hiking, or are part of a military or law enforcement operation, it is important that you have both hands at the ready while staying hydrated during maneuvers. Drinking water is essential to everyday life and thus could save your life.

Hydration packs are essentially a water fountain for you to carry on your back. Each hydration pack has a reservoir usually made with a rubber or flexible plastic, holding water with a hose that leads to a bite valve that opens when the wearer bites down on it. If you are in the desert or in an area with high winds, the valve may have a dust cover to keep foreign objects from entering into the water. Most hydration packs are insulated to keep the water cold, but not frozen, but not insulated so much that the water becomes warm. These packs are available in a plethora of sizes and shapes to ensure easy use while blending in with the terrain specific camouflage you are wearing. Some hydration packs are used and approved by the NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association) and are among the best of the best in the world of hydration packs.

Made with the best of nylon and like materials for durability, hydration packs will help you stay healthy in any situation or operation you may be participating in. These packs do not only hold water, but most will come equipped with pouches, compartments and dividers for keeping all of your essential tactical gear with you at all times. Some packs have a patent pending for a quick disconnect system. This is extremely important if you need to break away in the instance if you get hung up on something like that of a tree branch, barbed wire or anything else that may get caught on the material of the pack. Some packs such as the Blackhawk HydraStorm X-3 R.A.P.T.O.R. pack have a built in drop line pouch and routing system as well as a built in jump harness with heavy duty parachute webbing. This particular pack is ideal for anyone that is going to extreme heights or even perhaps jumping out of a plane. For safety, the same pack has silent zipper pulls so if the enemy is near; he will not hear your pack being opened.

Staying hydrated as for mentioned is of essential necessity. These packs would make great gifts for those you know that are in the military, law enforcement or extreme sporting arenas. Much like those wearing them, the hydration packs are durable and rugged and can withstand the most assault and damage that may come their way during certain maneuvers or exercises of the military or law enforcement officials. Remember if you are in the desert or stateside, you need to stay hydrated!

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