The Importance of Automotive Safety

Automotive Safety

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The automobile's implementation into our daily lives has changed the landscape of how we travel. Since its invention passengers have been able to travel further and faster than ever before. With these increased speeds comes safety issues which need addressing. This is why it is important to check and keep up all the different elements of your car which pertain to safety.


The primary sources of your vehicles safety is that of the brakes, tires and lights. These are all designed to help prevent you from experiencing an accident in the first place. Brakes provide for rapid stopping in an emergency which can mean the difference between injury and simply coasting by a potential accident. Tires and their condition also affect this ability. Without lights one could not drive at night and a quality set of headlights can often keep one from getting in an accident to begin with. This is why the primary safety features of your automobile need regular inspection. Failure of any of these devices may result in injury or death. 


Secondary safety sources help those who are in an accident. Crumple zones help absorb hits from the side keeping you safe. Airbags help take hits from the front and back and in recent times these airbags are more often  providing side impact protection. In recent years airbags have become standard features on all vehicles. Perhaps the simplest of all secondary safety features is that of the bumper which protects the front and back of the vehicle from direct collisions.

Final Word

All these features help make driving a safe experience and can save your life in the worst case scenarios. Still, the best safety feature is intelligent, passive driving. This allows an individual to space themselves from potential dangers thus increasing their window to react. In the end a good driver is the best defense. Always check over your shoulder and don't expect other drivers to obey the law. Drive defensive.