So just what are the benefits of juicing you ask?
There are so many benefits from juicing, I will list some here.

  • Increase your energy level and vitality
  • Can prevent and even cure cancer
  • Lose weight automatically and quickly
  • Become more alkalized
  • Cleanses the system
  • Reverses the aging process
  • Nourishes your body with nutrients and vitamins quickly
  • Improves the digestive system and the feeling that your plumbing is working correctly
  • It's fun, easy and delicious
  • Strengthens your immune system from the common cold and many other dis-eases
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away, what easier and great way than to juice 2 apples a day to be on the safe side!
  • Raise the health of yourself, your family, as well as your friends and everyone around you
  • much much more, because the list keeps getting longer and longer!

Ok, so this all sounds pretty great right?
So you're probably wondering what's the best way you can get started?
If you ask me, the best way to get started is by watching an example

Here's a link to the 100 day juice feast video playlist that got me into juicing below!

The BeYourPotential 100 day juice feast with Matthew Armstrong and Victoria Whitehead

Great video series of their 100 day juice feast journey

My personal experience...

That video series got me and my friend to each get a juicer for about $100. It was one of the greatest moves that I made in my life because I have greatly raised my vitality since then, as well as my family's health too. I came back to live with my mother and family after 5 years, and it had seemed that she had aged 15-20 years. She has many dis-eases such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, blood problems and much more. Her doctor prescribed her a lot of medicine, which I don't believe is nowhere close to the power of having a healthy diet with foods that are alive such as fruits and veggies. Her mind was in a very bad and uncontrollable state, always depressed, angry, and yelling. She always argued with the other people in my family, and they would argue back as well. All this was a daily occurance! My younger brother seemed to have lost his mind as well. : ).

BUT here's the good news! Everything has changed since a year or 2 ago when I bought the juicers. Totally reversed. It even seems like she's reversed the aging process and looks 10 years younger. She's been going to the gym a couple times a weeks which is a great improvement compared to not going at all, and just going crazy!

My brother seems to have regained conscienceness too and has totally changed his argumentative mindset. All this from juicing at least 5 times a week for some amount of months. He wasn't working many years because of some criminal issue that made him seem really worse than he was. He applied to many jobs and seemed as if he had lost ALL hope. He now has a full time job as a salesman at a cell phone company and is doing a great job at it. He has made such a big impact on the store and turned it around for them that the boss's boss had to come in personally to congratulate him. His diet before this? The same as my other family members, no live foods, all processed and dead, which was road they were going, and quickly. They did not exercise at all, but now they both got gym memberships and go a couple of times a week, and we play basketball a couple times a week as well.

It feel so thankful that I could do this for them, before it was too late. Anyways you're probably wondering what kind of juicer to get and I highly suggest getting something like this below!

What's so great about this juicer?

Well let me tell you, in the past 2 years, I've gone through about 3 or 4 juicers, and in my opinion, this is the ideal one. Instead of quickly shredding the produce with a high-speed centrifugal juicer, which oxidizes quicker, it's a masticating juicer that runs much slower and squeezes the juice out of produce, and works much better with leafy greens compared to centrifugal ones. Although the centrifugal ones cost cheaper the masticating ones will yield more juice, and the juice will last longer because it isn't being oxidized as much.
It's definitely worth the extra money compared to the other juicers. The entrance shoot is bigger than the other models, which is ideal if you want to juice for more than one person. Also it's auto-feed rather than manually pushing it down with a pusher stick. What a beautiful juicer it is!

If you're worried about the price, think about this. Is a couple hundred dollars worth greatly improving your family's health and vitality as well as extending their lives by many years? Do it, you won't regret it!

Omega VRT 350 vs Omega 8006 Juicer Comparison: Making Fresh Green Juice

Here I am breakdancing after becoming vegan and juicing

Higher energy more fit, feeling good! Not as great as many other breakers but great compared to my old self when i was 35 more pounds!

Tony Robbins and the Acid and Alkaline Balance

explains how to free yourself from any dis-ease and how to energize your body!

So this is all I have for now for my first article. I will keep updating this one as well as create some more great ones : )   Hope you enjoyed it and I hope it will cause a ripple effect of health and vitality! Peace and live with passion!