How to Install and use a data base for professional selling


The Importance of a Data Base for becoming a super Salesman

To become a super salesman there are many skills that have to be mastered, unless you are blessed with an amazing memory a well maintained database is essential.

The database must include personal as well as professional information, there is no need to purchase an expensively pre made programme as the use of Microsoft excel will be more than adequate.

Field information will obviously be Name, Address, Phone, email, Post Code, Products bought, and any further data that you consider will be useful.

Once all headings are in place they should then be filtered ready for use

The personal information should cover any conversations which will be of use of your next meeting.

Your client will remember anything that was important from your previous meeting and so must you, personal information is equally important and if he considers sharing any part of his private life you should and must remember.

There is a line between a professional and personal working relationship and the skill is getting it right.

Once your database is operational you will now be in a position to put it to work, there can never be enough information too much can never be a fault.

Hypothetical Situation 1

There is a promotion of a selected product for a short period and you will need to contact every client who has bought or still buys this line, with one click all your clients will remain on the screen, next check your route for the Day and click again to bring all clients who are in the proximity.

As you can see this speed of this information is priceless and the time saved is invaluable, also if you data is correct you will not miss any opportunity.

Hypothetical Situation 2

You generally visit your client on a regular basis but there will be some clients, which you possibly could extend their call ratio as this will free up time,

First click on each Day  for client list, and then click on regularity of purchases, a pattern will appear and if there are some clients who could be moved from weekly to fortnightly or fortnightly to monthly and so on.

Don't be afraid to suggest changing their schedule they are also busy and would most certainly appreciate your professionalism.

The time gained should not be used wastefully and once you have thoroughly checked your data and reorganised yourself you can start doing some cold calling.

With the database initiated to its full potential you will be taking another step to becoming a super salesman and pushing hard towards being on the right side of the 80/20 rule.

For more information on the 80/20 rule use the link below

David McIntosh