Individuals that start their own business, whether it be a retail establishment or an e-commerce venture, will find it difficult to plan a successful marketing strategy right from the beginning. This is because the beginning of a new business is the most logistically difficult, as the business owner focuses on branding their company, hiring employees, and developing their business structure. This is made even more complicated by those business owners that need to provide detailed business plan documents to their financial institution or team of investors for approval. However, once the business operations begin running more smoothly, the business owner should consider hiring a qualified SEO partner to begin developing a strategic and effective internet marketing plan for their new company.

SEO is a new internet marketing method that stands for search engine optimization. With this strategy, the business owner's website is made more prominent in search engine results through Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Although many new business owners may find it difficult to imagine the benefits that an internet marketing strategy can yield for their company, here are some of the amazing benefits to be had from working with an SEO partner:

1. Increased Exposure: When a business owner creates a website, even when they do not plan on monetizing the site by selling their products or services, their main purpose is to increase the exposure for their company. Through their website, they will make their company and its operations more widely available to consumers that may be interested in making a purchase. However, if the business owner does not focus on aggressively directing online traffic to this website, the site serves little purpose, for the only way that consumers will actually see the website is if they already know of the company and enter in the URL directly.

This is a bit against the purpose of the website, as the business owner is hoping to attract new customers and clients, not give more information to those that already know of the company. With a professional SEO partner, the business owner will be able to grab the attention of consumers that perform searches through Google and other popular sites. For example, for a business owner that just started a new retro diner restaurant called Crazy Sue's, they will now start appearing in search results for general keywords like "retro diner" and "great retro restaurants," rather than appearing only in search results that contain their company name.

2. Increased Conversion Rates: For those business owners that sell products or services on the internet, otherwise known as an e-commerce business, it is extremely important to monitor their traffic ratings and conversion rates. With an SEO partner, these e-commerce business owners can attract the consumers that are most likely to need or want their products and services. This is accomplished by thoroughly researching the industry and how consumers search for these products and services. Once the appropriate keyword terms and phrases have been found, the SEO marketing team will begin to optimize the business owner's website for these terms, thus allowing them to appear prominently in search queries that include these words. This way, the business owner will attract the consumers that are most likely to make a purchase on their site, which will greatly increase their conversion rates.

3. Increased Advertising Revenue: For those business owners that run informational websites that do not sell products or advertise a physical retail location, it is important to retain a steady stream of visitors for their advertising revenue. The higher the traffic ratings for the blog, website, or article network, the more this business owner will be able to charge for their online advertising space.