Home-based business opportunities or working from home seems to be everywhere in the media today. Many situations in today's economy is likely one of the reasons why more people than ever are looking for on-line money making opportunities. There are a lot of options to think about. Some include selling products on-line, freelancing, transcribing, affiliate programs, blogging and niche marketing to name a few.

Most of these do require time and patience to build them up to a point where they are generating a steady income. Consider your hobbies and interests when determining what your niche is going to be. There is also opportunity with multilevel marketing, investment programs, pay for offers and numerous others.

A simple concept is developing a Web-site around a certain niche. The idea is for people to visit your site and click on ads to generate revenue and/or to purchase product. One of the best methods for doing this is through article marketing. You write an article and use them to drive traffic to your niche site. The traffic is converted to income through direct sales, affiliate sales or advertising revenue. Many web-site owners use a combination of these options such as a mix of affiliate programs and advertising revenue.

First you need to figure out what your niche is. Think about things that interest you and hobbies you may have. You can use Google's Adword Tool to gauge how many people search for keywords related to your niche. The tool will also give you information about how much money people pay to advertise with the keywords. You will need to decide on the main keyword related to your niche and some secondary keywords. Then start your blog around your niche. Write articles that target the keywords and post them to the blog. Getting traffic to your site is probably the hardest part of the whole process. You want other sites to link to your blog. You can send your articles to directories and/or ask other blog owners for "link trades."

You will also want to sign-up with Google Adsense. It is free to join. Here Google will post ads on your site and pay you when users click on them. It is also wise to set-up affiliate accounts since this is another means for income. Set-up affiliates with vendors who are offering products for sale that are related to your niche. You receive commission from the sales.

It is very possible to earn money if not make a full-time living by working from home on-line, however it is important to be aware that it takes time, patience, hard work and consistancy.