With a modern world in increasing turmoil, the relevance of the Catholic Church's some 10,000+ saints has become even more so profound, especially nowadays. In such a troubled, 21st Century, world, it is not so uncommon to hear about everything from wars, to civil unrest, to national disasters that span the globe. Modern day communications, and television, have teamed up to make even the most distant person, living in the secluded, and remote, backwoods of any state or country, very much an active participant in these daily occurrences.The truth is, however, that no matter how close, or distant, someone may be, there is always an ever-present need to feel secure and protected from this world's many adverse forces. Whether on the frontlines of this turmoil, or on the home front, it is human nature for us to turn to the persons and things that provide the material, and immaterial, objects that help us to feel safeguarded and give us strength in difficult times. With storms looming in the distance, or the very real, present-day, threat of terrorism, the patron saints help to address those fundamental needs of the members of the worldwide Catholic Church.

A mother, who is bidding farewell to her son, as he prepares for war, can find comfort and strength in these challenging times. So also can he, as a military soldier, find strength, on the brink of combat, knowing that his patron saint will guide and watch over him in the most difficult of times that lay ahead of him. From one country, to the next, this protection is all encompassing, and is not limited to just one country or it's people. This notion gives the patron saints a universal appeal in both times of peace and of war.

For all these modern day elements that humanity faces, it is hard for us humans not to become scared or frightened at the potential for hardship and tribulation. This seems to be a fundamental aspect of being a human-a need to have something, higher than oneself, to turn to in these difficult times. It is for this reason that many individuals, no matter where they may live or what organizations they may be affiliated with, have chosen to turn to one, or several, of the Catholic Church's long repertoire of available patron saints.

One of the clearest ways that humans have sought this connection has been through their wearing of material objects. While material objects may not be the fullest extent of the depth of this relationship that we have with our patron saints, wearing these products does offer a viable solution that we can cling to in times of comfort and of need. As stated earlier, sometimes a military soldier, or a law enforcement agent, may just want a military metal to hold on to, in the heat of the moment, in order to realize just how deep this special connection runs. It is certainly possible for one to live without these material objects, although, their presence does serve as a reminder of a life that is protected and that looks above in times of widespread turmoil and difficulty.

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