InfoBarrel has an app

Many InfoBarrel writers will be pleased to know that they can easily and quickly access their InfoBarrel homepage directly from their iPhone!

Whether you are a writer for InfoBarrel, or an avid reader, if you have an iPhone you may want to set up an unofficial InfoBarrel icon on the screen of your phone. One you have done that, you will actually feel as though you can say, "there's an app for that!" I have found that I use my InfoBarrel icon several times a day, and it makes it so much easier to keep track of my progress as a writer on InfoBarrel. Even if you don't write much, but primarily enjoy reading some of the articles that are written by other writers on this site, you will still enjoy having the ability to quickly access the site.

How to Set Up the InfoBarrel Icon on Your iPhone

If you own an iPhone, you probably already are familiar with the App Store. However, I could not find an official InfoBarrel app in the App Store because they have not created one, yet.  (An official one is planned for the future.)  Instead, I was able to set it up by using the Safari icon. Safari is on the bottom of your screen. Touch the Safari icon. When the screen opens up, touch the search box at the top of the screen. When you do, your keyboard will pop up. Type in A number of choices will pop up, but not all of them will take you directly to InfoBarrel.

Find the article bookmark that says, "About Us – InfoBarrel." To be sure you're at the right bookmark, the description says, "To put it in less words, is a Shared Revenue Social Media Community. We are creating a venue for writers, media producers and other content developers to …" At the bottom of the bookmark, it will have a link directly to InfoBarrel. Touch this bookmark on your iPhone screen and "voila" you are on the InfoBarrel site, at an article written by Admin.

If you are an InfoBarrel writer, log in, just as you normally would. You will probably need to swipe your fingers across the page to enlarge the text. This makes it easier to touch the correct place on the screen to log in. Once you have logged in, you will be able to see your articles, and the articles of the people you subscribe to. You can also go to the Forum, the InfoBarrel homepage and most other areas of InfoBarrel. During my first visit to the site using my iPhone, I clicked on the plus sign at the bottom of my iPhone page. A pop-up appeared asking if I would like to bookmark the site or or add it to your home screen. I clicked on it, and now I have an icon on my screen that takes me directly to my personal InfoBarrel homepage.

How I Use my InfoBarrel Icon for iPhone

Now that I have an icon on my iPhone that goes directly to my home page, I have used my iPhone to check on the number of views I am getting on an article, read and comment on articles written by other writers, and make comments on Forum. It is so nice to be able to do these things while taking a break at work, or while sitting in my armchair, watching a television show! I feel that my access to InfoBarrel is never more than an arm length away!

Things I Have Not Tried with my InfoBarrel App

I have not tried to write or edit an article directly by using my icon. I believe it would be tedious using the small iPhone keyboard to write a full length article or to even make serious edits. However, I have used my iPhone notepad to write a rough draft of an article, in particular when I was away from home and wanted to take notes. Afterwards, I emailed the notes to myself and, when I returned home, I was able to cut and paste the rough draft from my email into a word document. Once I had it on the word document, I was able to refine the article and then cut and paste it into the "Create" section of my InfoBarrel homepage, using my computer.

As you can see, putting "smart phone" technology to work has made it much easier for me to keep up with my writing projects on InfoBarrel. Although my experience has been with the iPhone, I am sure it is probable that other smart phones also have similar capabilities. I would be interested in hearing about it if some of my fellow writers have experimented with finding InfoBarrel icons on their phones, too!


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