I am not normally one to jump in and do reviews. If I didn't fall in love with a product right away or didn't hate it with great passion, I just skip writing up information on it. However, I see a great need for more information to circulate about the InfoBarrel Success eCourse. If you have looked at it, read through the sales page, found yourself wondering whether or not you should spend the money, and landed yourself here then now is the perfect time find out if the InfoBarrel Success eCourse is for you.

The Money.
If you are like me then the money is really the first thing that you look at. I have had some horrible experiences buying things that cost more than I really wanted to pay and then turned out to be horrible wastes of my time and hard earned money. When it comes to money making opportunities, work from home opportunities, and making money online it seems that the odds of buying something lousy just increase. InfoBarrel Success eCourse isn't cheap. This made it so that it took me a couple of weeks of thinking about it before I purchased it. However, for most people InfoBarrel Success eCourse will be worth it and will make you more money then you ever spent on the course.

Those Who Shouldn't Buy InfoBarrel Success eCourse.
Chances are pretty good that if you are here then there is something more you need to know to make money or to make a nice amount of money on InfoBarrel or another online website. There are a few people who shouldn't spend money on this series of ebooks. If you can answer yes to the following questions you should save your money and avoid buying the InfoBarrel Success eCourse.

  • Do you know how to use InfoBarrel and its tools?
  • Do you have a firm grasp of SEO, LSI, LSA, and are confident that each of your articles is written perfectly for search engines and real readers alike?
  • Do you feel that your articles are earning a lot of money already?
  • Are you confident that you do a great job with keyword research, optimization, and promotion of your articles?

If you answered yes to these questions then it isn't likely that InfoBarrel Success eCourse is for you. However, if you want to be able to make more from your articles, don't know a lot about InfoBarrel, feel even the tiniest bit lost with SEO (or don't know what it is), and are wanting easy ways to research keywords and promote your work then you will find answers with InfoBarrel Success eCourse.

My Story.
I normally try to leave my personal stories out of it. I don't want to take you on some dark and mysterious rabbit trail, but in this case it is important because you will understand what I learned and why I feel that is important to your decision.

I am Danelle Karth and (or depending on how you see it) aidenofthetower. I have been online and writing articles for just over three years now. I have written for many sites including Helium, Hubpages, eHow, HowToDoThings.com, and way too many more to waste time listing. I have had some success and many people hear my numbers with awe. However, I know that my numbers are really low compared to others and I have worked really hard to get the little I have gotten. I even spent 8 months writing my hands off (literally since I now have Carpel Tunnel) as a freelance writer with Elance and Rent-a-coder. I know my way around a lot of blocks and even knew what my problems were.

My problems could easily be summed up. I don't and haven't done any keyword research. I knew about it, heard about software, didn't want to spend money and didn't understand the couple of articles I read on it so I just skipped it. I also knew a little about SEO, but didn't want to do any old fashioned garbage just to get attention from search engines and didn't have any good answers for making the best of SEO and my articles. Finally I haven't ever promoted my articles. These three things made it so that I don't really make much in the terms of per article.

InfoBarrel Success eCourse.
This course is designed to take you from step one. However, it has all the information that you need to get from where you are to earning better money. You will learn all of the following and more:

  • How to work InfoBarrel and why InfoBarrel is your best revenue sharing option.
  • How to choose keywords that will maximize your earning potential and how to get the highest paying ads to appear on your articles.
  • How to write an article that will get listed on the front page of Google search results.
  • How to use other methods to get more traffic headed your way.
  • How to fix articles you have already written.
  • There is even a whole book dedicated to getting over writers block for those days when the ideas just don't come.

This certainly isn't all there is to it, but this will show you that there is plenty for you to learn whether you are brand new to InfoBarrel or have been around awhile.

I have written 170 articles already and my earnings aren't enough to jump up and down over. I have actually written over 1500 articles all over the Internet. The InfoBarrel Success eCourse has the information to improve my earnings all over the Internet, especially at InfoBarrel. I have always written good articles that are full of information, but now I can write good articles and make money from them.

As a side note. I hate sounding this positive. I have a hard time not sounding like I am trying to sell something when I write a review about a product I am all for. I am not making any money, there are no affiliate links to this article, and I don't plan on making much, if any, money from it. I really wrote it for you (and a bit for myself). First of all, I believe that this eCourse will help almost everyone do better. The one exception being online marketers and Internet Gurus with website promotion and current SEO knowledge (and even then they may learn stuff that will help them increase their earnings). Then there is the idea that for every person that does better here, InfoBarrel does better and everyone in the InfoBarrel community. As a skeptic, I believe that the InfoBarrel Success eCourse is worth it. I will let you know how it goes in the next couple of months via the comments!