Have you taken the Info Barrel challenge yet? Okay, there is not any sort of official Info Barrel challenge, but I'm going to propose one to you now. I'm making the challenge to any authors, new or old, that read this article. I'm doing it in hopes that you will take the challenge, meet the challenge, and make more money from your Info Barrel articles. Let's take a look at some of the keys for making money online with Info Barrel, and the challenge to you, the reader.

Write longer articles:

Many of us like to write shorter articles, thinking we are getting more bang for our time. I would propose that you write longer articles, in the 1,000 word range, and see how much better they really end up. I think you will find that longer articles are more informative for the reader, allowing you to make more money online with Info Barrel. Try to add substance, not fluff.

Many of you right now are thinking that this is crazy. Why would I write a single 1,000 word article, when I can write two 500 word articles and make more money? Longer articles will often perform better over time. There are many reasons for this. Let's look at some of the reasons your are better off with longer articles.

· First, your article is more likely to get unsolicited back links. This means people love your article, think it's full of good info, and offer you a back link. This saves some time for you. If you like to promote your articles, why not have someone else do some of it for you?

· In addition, you will naturally have more key phrases in your article, beyond the main key words you have selected. This means your article can be found in search engine results under various search phrases. For example: I write about four wheelers. I naturally put ATV, 4 wheelers, and all terrain vehicles, in my writing. I've increased the number of ways a person can find my article on the search engine.

· Longer articles, when filled with substance, generate a more loyal following. This will help the individual writer and Info Barrel over time. As the site moves up in Alexa score, it will help all authors to make more money with Info Barrel.

· Readers that find the information helpful may very well check out your other articles. This means more views for you, and potentially more money in your wallet.

Get 90% Adsense share:

You will need to complete the contest requirements for this to happen. Most contests require you to earn 30 points. This is really quite easy to accomplish, at least when you write articles that are longer than 1,000 words. You get five points for these articles, instead of one point for articles in the 500 word range. This means you, the author on Info Barrel make much more money.

On average, the 90% share will earn you an additional 20% each month. Here's how this all works:

· You get a total of 100 clicks on your articles for one month, all worth one dollar each. This number includes your clicks, and the clicks Info Barrel receives. I know that CPC varies, but for the purposes of the example, I'm keeping it simple

· Of those 100 clicks, you will typically get 75 of them, on average. This means you make $75 for the month.

· When you achieve the top level of share, with 90% of Adsense impressions, you will likely get paid for 90 of the 100 clicks, on average. Now, you make $90 on your articles for the month.

· If you take out your calculator, you'll find this is a 20% increase.

Now, what if you get 200 clicks? What if you get 500 clicks for the month? What if you wrote a bunch of articles months ago, and haven't been back lately? How much money have you lost? Take the challenge, and you will make more money.

Establish yourself:

If you are very knowledgeable in an area, write about it. Be active in the community and online. Get your name out there a little. As you begin to establish some online credibility you will find that you make more money, benefiting yourself, and all Info Barrel authors.

Make comments:

You are making money online with Info Barrel, so you should help to support your community. Try to make a point to read and comment on a few articles from time to time. There's a great chance you will find a lot of articles that really catch your interest. As the Info Barrel community grows, there will be more communal options available.

Make friends:

If you like an author's work, ask them to be your friend. As the site continues to grow, you'll find the community side of Info Barrel quite fun. You can really select friends in any manner you wish. Some may only want to be friends with those that write about similar topics. Some may want to be friends with only those that seem really successful. Others may want to be friends with everyone. This is really up to each author.

Subscribe to feeds:

If you are particularly fond of someone's articles or success, subscribe to their feed and see if you can pick up some tips or tricks. You will find many well versed authors right here on Info Barrel, since it's really one of the best ways to make some extra money online.

Promote Another Author's Article:

If you find an article or two that you really love, go ahead and submit it to one of the social sites. Share it with your friends, online or in person. This will help your fellow author, and you long term. As more people become loyal readers of Info Barrel articles, we all stand to make more money.

Tell a Friend:

Be open about your involvement with Info Barrel. If you are having success, share your success stories with your friends and family members. As more authors join the Info Barrel family, and more loyal readers emerge, we will all make more money.