How to be successful at Infobarrel.

To be successful at Infobarrel every writer needs basically three things: first to write good content, second sharing and linking this content so that it becomes well spread around the web; and third that Infobarrel ranks well on search engines so that our content get found easily. This way we can all earn more money and exposure. But have you done something to spread the word around about Infobarrel?

This question came to my mind looking at how many votes the homepage of Infobarrel has on StumbleUpon.



389 votes out of, well, probably around 30.000 writers? Or 40.000? Let's be low with numbers, and imagining that there are only 5.000 active writers on Infobarrel. Why there are only 389 votes? Where are the other 4611 writers?

If Infobarrel gets very popular all of its writers, me and you too, get popular too, our articles will rank better and a greater amount of money will be earned by both Infobarrel and its writers. What's more increasing the Pagerank and popularity means also that Adsense, and Chitika with Amazon, will probably pay higher. And again this means more money and exposure for everyone. Popularity and Money go hand in hand.

Pushing Infobarrel we push ourselves!

So, going back to the topic of this article, the Infobarrel Tribe, let's cooperate together in raising Infobarrel rank on the net. My idea is to "create" a group of writers who actively promote Infobarrel and in turn each other's articles or contents on the web. A vote on a social networks, a like on Facebook or a tweet can be made in seconds but can give enormous rewards.

So, if you like this idea go to Stumbleupon and vote for Infobarrel homepage, than tweet about Infobarrel on Twitter and follow its tweets. You can also go to Facebook and like Infobarrel, or use any other social network. Then come back here leaving a comment saying "I did this or that" so everyone knows you are one of those writers on Infobarrel who actively participate in spreading the word about Infobarrel. This in turn can give you the added benefit that new writers will think about you as the right writer to follow here, and this is a great benefit in my opinion.

So, come join the Infobarrel Tribe! And let's go Viral!

Btw if you haven't already done it join Infobarrel and begin submitting great content; you'll be surely well rewarded!