Who doesn't use Internet these days? Even the elderly now know how the Internet works. From shopping to researching, chatting to emailing, work to leisure, the Internet has truly become vital part of our lives. Almost every type of professions needs the use of the Internet. Children use the Internet. Young adults spend most of the time in front of a computer. Adults turn to Internet for both professional and personal reasons. Not to exaggerate but even some grandparents have accounts in several social networking websites. With all these advantages, does one really know the true history of the Internet? How was the Internet invented? Why was it invented? Read the rest of article and discover the answers to these intriguing questions.

The concept itself was the brainchild of three outstanding individuals plus one great research conference. These people and event have manhandled the course of our future, giving us a chance of lifetime to explore and testify to ingenuity of human being. One of the first persons who contributed to the creation of the Internet was Vannevar Bush. He was the one who took time to write and construe the very first visionary portrayal of Information technology and its endless potentials. Such description was interpreted through the establishment of memex which is a library system that was made automated. Another individual believed to be one of those who invented the Internet was Norbert Weiner. He was very passionate and fascinated with Cybernetics which eventually became a legitimate field. He carried out a research which later on inspired a number of future researches. He truly believed that a human himself can go beyond his own capabilities. The third person who was not selfish to share his knowledge was Marshall McLuhan. According to him, the world can be interconnected through the establishment of a cyber nervous system that can also be integrated in the society and culture. The concept of global village has become inevitable and is here to stay.

All of these concepts were taken into consideration during a conference dubbed as The 1956 Dartmouth Artificial Intelligence conference. This event aimed to strengthen the idea that technology itself was at its exponential growth and that such growth can be beneficial to everyone especially for the future of mankind. Knowing this summarized history of the Internet should make us feel grateful to these people who have knitted their knowledge together to provide the best.