Every young investor has to go through the learning steps of figuring out what the stock market is all about. That means they have to get familiar with the risks that come with buying stocks and learn how they are going to pick the stocks that are right for them. They have to decide upon a goal for their money such as whether they are looking for quick gains or long term profits.  

One thing that all stock investors need to be able to do is to research the companies they are interested in. They need access to information to be able to make informed choices. For instance, they might be thinking about whether they should buy Apple stock? Before the Internet, that investor had to rely on their stock brokers for data and an analysis which they sometimes had to pay a lot of money for. But now they can find a plethora of data, company information, charts, and opinions online for just about any stock in the universe. They no longer need to employ full service brokers to provide them with the extensive stock analysis if they don't want to. That, is the power of the Internet!  

There is no doubt that the Internet has both pluses as well as minuses. One of those minuses might be that some investors pick stocks to quickly without doing any research at all. It is almost too simple to buy stocks and some investors lose money by day trading and just plain gambling.

The good and the bad are always present but one thing is for sure: the Internet is great for the inexpensive dissemination of information. It gives everyday people all over the world access to things that they never had access to before and that means every regular Joe can now get his hands on all sorts of market news and information, often for free, that will help him make more informed stock picking decisions. It is the same kind of information that only the "pros" used to have access to and undoubtedly, that is a good thing.