There's a smaller unit that works just like the Ionic Pro ionic air purifier. Air purifying comfort could be achieved with this more compact version of the original Ionic Pro. The Ionic Pro compact air purifier stands at a little over a foot and a half high, seven and a half inches wide, and six and half inches deep. It fits in most small spaces and could efficiently purify the air in smaller rooms in homes and offices. Its construction and operation does not differ much from the Ionic Pro. This tower-type ionic air purifier comes in black and costs less than $100 - there are even units that you can get for merely $40. This gives people with smaller spaces to purify a more affordable option to bigger more powerful models.

Just like the original model, the Ionic Pro compact air purifier consumes less power than other brands and is considered to be energy efficient. It also comes with a grounding plug for those who have grounded outlets. The power settings could be adjusted using an LED panel with a one-touch easy-to-use control pad. As the Ionic Pro compact air purifier is designed for smaller spaces, it only has two power settings - high and low. The LED indicators show what control setting the ionic air purifier is on. There is also an LED indicator that tells the user when the air filter blades need to be cleaned. Usually, a user would have to clean the collection blades every five days. The unit uses there metal collection blades that are electrostatically charged to attract airborne particles stuck to the positively charged particles released by the ionic air purifier. It then traps these particles and releases fresh, clean air back into the room.

For the average user, it takes about five days before the metal collection blades need to be cleaned. This duration could vary depending on the amount of dirt in the room. Cleaning instructions are included in the user manual that comes with the unit. Users would also have to check the internal ionizing wires in about a week and a half. It is not recommended that the unit be exposed to heat and smoke especially those coming from candles, oil lamps, and fireplaces. If it has been exposed to such elements, cleaning would have to be done more frequently. No special gadgets are needed to clean this compact ionic purifier. A clean damp rag would work just fine. Since there are no filters, there are also no parts that need to be replaced.

Just like the original Ionic Pro, this compact ionic air purifier works quietly. There are no unnecessary buzzing or disturbing noises to be expected when this compact ionic air purifier is working properly. It is only when the metal collection plates need to be cleaned when a humming sound is heard. When no action is done, the unit turns off. The ionic air purifier unit has a built-in wire cleaning mechanism that you can use to clean the internal ionizing wires to stop the humming noise. Once the ionizing wires are rid of particle build-up, the unit will revert to its noiseless operation.