The media attention and hype for the Iphone 4 has been intense and now that is out and in the hands of phone users the Iphone can be examined and reviewed. Apple fans and Iphone users lined up for this particular new gadget in droves. There is no denying that Apple has outdone itself in styling and the new Iphone is particularly striking but are these new features mere gimmicks, or is the phone an entire new direction? We will take three essential points for review of the new Iphone 4, Aesthetics, functionality, and signal quality.

The Aesthetics of the Iphone 4

Even Apple haters have to admit the Iphone 4 has a sleek new look that makes all the phones on the market look shabby beside it. The Iphone is sleek and gleaming glass and silver certainly gives this new gadget a high-end high tech appearance. However, that much glass – even very strong glass - on a phone, has been a concern for some users and it turns out that they may have been right.

The glass surfaces may well be 30 times stronger than plastic and comparable in strength to sapphire glass but they are prone to smudges, even when carried in a case. However, so far this is the strongest complaint anyone can utter about the overall aesthetics of the Iphone 4. The silver band which wraps around the outside of the Iphone 4 adds to its eye appeal and also serves as an antenna, which we will discuss in a moment.

The Iphone 4 is 4.5 x 2.4 and .46 inches and weighs around .48 ounces, which makes it the thinnest and sleekest Iphone yet.

The earphone and camera lens slots are integrated into the glass right above the display and almost unnoticeable but very functional. Below the glass, display is the home button. The SD slots and volume buttons are on the left hand side of the camera on the silver edge.

In a word, Apple has outdone them with the new Iphone 4 design.

Iphone 4 Functionality

Multitasking for the new Iphone 4 was a strong selling point pre-release. The new OS release makes this possible. It does indeed work but at a price. Apps, which are running in the foreground, work as usual but when you switch and put another app in the foreground, the one in the Application drawer is essentially frozen. The reasoning behind that is clear, it keeps the applications from slowing down your processes but it also means that they cannot keep downloading, or updating unless they are the center of attention.

The touch screen virtual keyboard as opposed to the QWERTY keypad has a learning curve, but within a few days, users are able to get right up to speed in typing. The contrast on the new screen is nothing less than superb and is one of the brightest around. The camera integrated into the Iphone is also a large upgrade and the included Smartphone video concept is astounding. However, if you do not have a strong signal you will have issues with this video calling feature called FaceTime.

The new Iphone 4 applications are nothing less than spectacular and even the harshest Iphone 4 critics are impressed. Imovies in particular has added a lot of functionality and shooting video on the go and then editing the video immediately is simple with a drag and drop interface.

Iphone 4 Signal Quality Review

Most users who have had problems with the signal on the Iphone 3 and under have blamed the carrier. However, there is no denying that the Iphone has had issues with signal quality and the new silver bezel that encases this slick gadget is an attempt to correct that problem.

The fact is that though the Iphone 4 is testing lower in signal strength than other smart phones, the signal quality has improved and this has actually improved the overall satisfaction with the phone's performance. Though purchasing a smart phone is rarely about need, as opposed to want, any phone owner knows how annoying dropped calls are. The improved signal quality (not strength) is Apple's stab at correcting that issue.

Summing up the Iphone 4 Review

The Apple Iphone overall is a winner for Apple fans for the most part. Its looks alone are enough to convert many smart phone users. On the other hand, it does have some issues, which this brand new look and OS have not corrected sufficiently.

The strengthened glass that protects the internal parts of the Iphone 4 may well be harder than regular glass and much harder than plastic but it is still unprotected. If you are hard on your phones then the new Iphone may well be at risk. Smudges on that sleek glass casing are common problems with this smart phone.

Signal strength is still an issue though the signal quality has improved. Iphone 3 users who are satisfied with the signal currently will find the Iphone 4 works even better. For those with problems with the signal then the small improvement may not be enough. Holding the phone normally also incidentally covers up a portion of the antenna.

Multitasking is possible and even easy with the new Apple smart phone; however, for those who hoped that they could continue a download or update while turning to other matters, the Iphone 4 falls short, unless the application is the screen focus it essentially goes into hibernation.

Apple and smart phone fans will find the new Iphone 4 a step up in aesthetics and overall the signal quality if not strength has improved. The on screen display is nothing short of great and provides excellent contrast while the virtual keyboard and touch screen take some getting used to they are also very functional.

On the other hand, true multitasking is not yet out for the Iphone 4 and that may have to wait a while for the second version. An Iphone 4 is an expensive gadget, which stacks up well beside competitors but not as high as the media hype indicated it would.