There are things in life that are obvious that we never need to be reminded to do. If you take food for example, you don't need to be reminded before you start looking for food. At times your brain reminds you or your stomach will remind you. Eating comes naturally to most of us. Sleep is another phenomenon that comes easy. When your eyes feel heavy you know it is time to take a nap or a long 8 hours nap. Sleeping for 8 hours should be a nap really. It is as if someone is saying I am going to have a siesta for about 8 hours. You will probably be thinking you lazy bum, when do you ever get to do some work? If you think about the day set aside to remember the dead, what is the point? If you have lost a love one in death you easily get the point. However, what is the point of setting aside a special day to remember the dead?

Memorial day was set aside so that people could take time off their busy schedule to remember. You are given the time to meditate and think about the dead. The irony is that some people will only visit the grave of loved ones or those who died for their country on that special day. They come and lay down flowers say a few words and then it is see you next year. What happens for the rest of the year? What if the Memorial Day is no longer a public holiday? Does it mean that people will no longer take the time to visit cemetery and lay down flowers? I think the dead are mostly forgotten and only days like the Memorial Day help us take the time. We don't take the time for the living why should we take the time for the dead? It is sad to think if we don't get a free day, the dead could just stay dead.

Everyone seems to have a very busy schedule and will stop at nothing for the pleasure of others. If you were to think about the thousands who visit the dead, what happens to the millions who just took the free day and went shopping or took the day to relax at home? If it is Memorial Day, everyone should be made to do something memorable. If you can't be bothered what is the point of getting a free day?

The same should also apply to Christmas; they should make everyone go to church if they want a free day. What if you are not a Christian? It doesn't matter. You either go to church or go back to work. If you were to start doing that, the Memorial Day will probably have more impact on the living. They would start taking it seriously or those who are not in favor would ask that the day be removed. Another Irony of Memorial Day is that people never seem to learn from the errors of the past. You create a war and create a day to remember the victims of war. There should be a "lessons learned day". Everyone needs to learn something about the past so that we can avoid repeating the same mistakes all over again. Don't have a Memorial Day that doesn't teach anything.