This is a controversial topic amongst many people, and these are my views on marijuana today. I can hear the cynics already. Marijuana is not the problem, the fact that it is not regulated by our government is the actual issue here. Teenageers can get their hands on a dub easier than they would alcohol. To state the obvious, when a person goes into an establishment to buy alcohol there are strict legal rules in place to prevent them from doing so if underage; this includes having the proper identification. I don't want to hear the bullshit about fake id's, a child still has to go through great lengths to obtain one. I don't want to hear the bullshit about driving, there are too many kids who die at the wheel from drunkards each year. I don't want to hear about addiction, last time I checked rehabs are still in business, and people still need their nicotine fix even though the prices have skyrocketed. I don’t want to hear it's dangerous; it has never been the direct cause of death; if anything it has helped alleviate cancer stricken patients of their pain. I don't want to hear, “well you do not know what it is in it”; that is because the government won't regulate it. I don't want to hear it is the gateway drug; one has the option of saying no to anything; and I see a far cry from heroine vs marijuana. As Louis Armstrong was once quoted saying, ““It really puzzles me to see marijuana connected with narcotics dope and all of that stuff. It is a thousand times better than whiskey. ” I don't want to hear that it is the reason for violence; it only is because the cartels are the ones supplying the demand; if our government did they would put the cartels out of business. 
I wasn't very experimental, but I started drinking and smoking probably earlier than most, so I think that's why I don't really take to drugs and alcohol too much now; but my views still have not changed on the subject matter. No one wants their kid out with their friends smoking a joint, it is that simple. There are other things in to enjoy in life without the use of recreational drugs. It is a fact that if a child smokes marijuana habitually early in life they will lose their short term memory. However, it has never been the causation of a death, people who use the drug in moderation, find it relaxing. There needs to be laws regulating the sale and distribution to minors, there needs to be fines and legal warnings in place for establishments who violate these laws; and people have to stop pushing this subject matter under the rug when it can be fixed. 
Second issue here is the amount of state and federal money is spent on marijuana. I am going to lay down some numbers here just because facts speak louder than words. Cartels are the driving force of the marijuana trade in the United States, cartels are dangerous. Cartels have to cross the border in order to bring that here. The United States spends $600 million dollars on patrolling the Mexican Border per year. Still these runners get into the United States, and it is handed off to the top guys; these ring leaders are pursued by United States Marshall and Police service, they even have special task forces dedicated to this we spend several million on this annually. Once it gets down to street level we have dealers in the hoods who are being pursued by local police, these dealers are in two categories some are gang members others are just trying to make a buck. Gang members are dangerous, they have weapons and rivals, gang members also need funding. They do this by sale of illegal drugs, pimping and violence. The local police and gang patrol units actively pursue and attempt to maintain order in these “turf wars.” Needless to say if marijuana was regulated, it wouldn't be as difficult to control the border with our tequila loving friends down south because average people would rather buy safely in a store than from a gangster (not all dealers are gangsters, a lot of them are actually really cool.) but really now. Gangs would be broken up because a lot of their funding would be depleted. And kids can't get their hands on it. Oh, and we save a lot of money... which leads to my next point... our government could potentially make billions of dollars through this industry. My friend told me about an interesting venture/franchise that is taking off out west called weGrow, they like to associate themselves as the walmart of weed. They don't actually sell weed, but sell everything someone would need to grow it.