Lee Harvey Oswald was the fall man for the JFK assassination. Let me explain why, the assassination occured in Dallas Texas. JFK was shot by someone, that is obvious. Oswald was involved in the assassination in some capacity, and probably did shoot at the President. Shortly after the President was shot and announced dead, Jack Ruby snuck into the Dallas police station and shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald.

Does it not seem strange to you that the man who assassinated the President of the United States was silenced mere hours after he 'assassinated' the President. That security would be so lax to let a nut into the Dallas police station carrying a revolver to shoot the assassin? I find that this case is wrapped in ridiuled in circumstance and strange occurances. Oswald wasn't the only person who wanted the President dead there were other groups including Cuban revolutionaries, KGB, and even mafia groups who were attempting to assassinate President Kennedy.

Shortly after the assassination of JFK, the Warren Commision was established by President Johnson. The Warren Commision quickly found that Oswald was a lone nut who assassinated the President, in broad daylight, by himself. JFK was shot multiple times, and if the Warren Commision was right, then he was shot multiple times in the span of a few seconds by a bolt action rifle? Really?

Let alone there were numerous reports from observors that the President was shot at from various locations along the motercade including the grassy knoll. In the Warren Commision these reports and observations are dismissed and not followed up upon. Subsequent reports mention the possibility that there was a second unnamed assassin that fired at the president from the grassy knoll and perhaps a third assassin from another location.

The single bullet theory, as the Warren Commision claims, was one bullet fired from Oswald that struck Kennedy through the head and then hit another passager in the motorcade and then hit part of the car. This is ridiculous, it is clear that the Warren Commision was attempting to hid something, maybe even government involvment. Oswald was most likely chosen to be a fallguy for the assassination and while he was involved in the assassination, did not fire the killing blow. Another assassin fired the fatal gunshot and then disappeared into the crowdson that fateful day. I do not believe that Oswald acted alone, I think there were other conspirators involved, and that the Warren Commision was attempting to hid something to do with the assassination.